Living your life to the fullest……

July 3, 2015

Live your life to the fullest….we hear these words often but what do they really mean. Who has the definition for the fullest?

My son tonight said to me that he and a friend had been talking about how they have been taught that relaxing is a bad thing. Their school teaches them that they must be busy doing something at all times in order to be successful. So, that when they do relax, they feel guilty about it because they are not being successful. I admitted to him that I think we, as parents, have bought into it too. We must always be doing something productive. Our quite voice tells us it is not okay to just sit and watch t.v. sometimes at night and so we do something else while watching t.v. We check our phones to see our messages, our emails, and even the news.

We have been programmed to believe that if we are not busy then we must be failing because people who are successful in life are productive all the time. This is a fallacy.

My husband and I raised our children to create a balance in their lives. We taught them to not be single-minded but to have an appreciation of many things and to have many avenues that would provide them a sense of satisfaction, happiness, and contentment. We taught them to build relationships with others. We taught them how to be altruistic, to be lifelong learners and to use the gifts that they had been given in life. We gave them a love of nature, a love of adventure, and instilled in them a confidence that they were on the right path.

So, when I heard him say this, I was deeply saddened because the outside forces in the world smash away the armor we built. So that when my son takes a break and relaxes he gets nervous that he isn’t going to reach his goals because he took some time to enjoy and appreciate his life…..or, as my sister says, to just BE.

When we take that time to just be, we take the fear of missing out (FOMO), out of the equation, and we discover that we are in control and in charge of ourselves to the fullest when we learn that it is okay to just relax and be in the moment and it is okay to do this on a daily basis.

So, back to my question of: Who really has the definition for the word fullest? It is each of us. We get to decide what that definition is and for my family and I, we think that is to create a balance and enjoy all things that we like and to take the FOMO out of the equation and essentially, completely out of our lives because we are in control of each of our lives. And, that is what my son taught me tonight. It really is OKAY to just BE STILL.

2 Comments on “Living your life to the fullest……

  1. I had no idea that you had a blog. I love reading it as it is so honest and insightful. My favorite Bible Verse is
    “Be still and know that I am God.” I have come to realize that I really have to be still when I get in His word.

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  2. Thank you for your sweet comment and for reading it. That verse is one of my favorites too. Another is Hope anchors the soul from Hebrews.


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