There is a song I heard a few months ago while watching an International Soccer Team.  The song is called ‘The Nights’.  I immediately bought it because of it’s powerful message.

In it the father tells his son: “go venture beyond the shores, don’t let it slip away, one day you leave this world behind so live a life you will remember”.  It’s message hit home as my dad and I talked last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.  He and Mom taught us how to live lives where we’ve ventured beyond the shores. He had so many stories to tell about his life and our lives together as a family and I shared my memories with him.

There  are many memories that hold a special place in my mind.  We had a childhood filled with adventures right at home, trips around the country, life on a farm and in many different cities that bubbled over with culture. He has stories of living on a farm with 10 brothers and sisters, driving a taxi cab, being a pilot, and being an engineer.  He has vivid memories of being a husband, of being a father, and being a friend. We have memories of family reunions where I now have friendships with cousins that live adventurous lives now as well. Our memories are intertwined and that connects us no matter the distance.

I am writing about this today because I am finding that the memories are starting to slip away from Dad and he is finding it difficult.  Our memories are our identities and when we lose those memories….we can lose our sense of who we are and our sense of purpose in life.

You see, my Mom and my Dad, well, they made a life worth living.  Dad and I relive our memories over and over again when we talk so that he doesn’t lose them. It reminds us of who we were and who we are, and our purpose in life.

Brad and I have our memories because we too chose to live lives worth living, we chose to live them with the people we love, and we chose to teach our children to venture beyond the shores and pursue their dreams and to have their adventures.  I am thankful that Mom and Dad taught us this way of life….a life beyond the shores….we have learned so much, loved so much and seen so much and as we get older not only do the memories become more powerful, but they become the very things that console us as we age.  So, venture beyond the shores, don’t hesitate, celebrate, have bonfires in the backyard, take more trips, have family reunions, experience the outdoors, climb mountains, find your passions, take pictures, go after your dreams and make a new memory each day.  DON’T let it slip away…….

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