Not ‘Feeling’ Christmas This Year?


For those of you who are having a different kind of Christmas this year because you have suffered a loss of loved ones, or a loss of a job, or health issues, or a relationship you thought was there and wasn’t…. here is a little piece of advice.

Remember, that your Christmas doesn’t have to be like Christmas’s before or the Christmas you see on television or social media or the Christmas you see your friends having.

Your Christmas gets to be YOURS.  It gets to be whatever you want to create it to be. Make it what you NEED it to be this year.

Making it what you need could mean helping someone else who is having a hard Christmas, or keeping things simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed, or taking a trip to make some new memories, or focusing on those you love instead of the gifts under the tree, and soaking in the peace and joy you see in others.

Whatever you make of this Christmas, make it so that when you look back on it, the memories you have will bring you a sense of contentment that you did all that you could manage this year and it was ENOUGH.




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