As I was growing up, I knew exactly what made me happy and what gave me purpose and a great sense of fulfillment in my life. My purpose was to help people and to continue to grow positively in life by allowing myself to bloom in every season. I didn’t learn to truly bloom and become the person I am today until early adulthood but I had the desire to do so as a child. I felt deep satisfaction in helping others in any capacity. And, that was how I discovered my purpose. I couldn’t think of a better calling than to help people to grow, to learn, to live and thrive and to fulfill their needs. It is something I am quite passionate about.

Lately, though, I am finding it harder to bloom. Life has become more complicated and my decisions and actions affect others more profoundly now. In addition to life becoming more complicated, this season has brought strong winds and unbearable soil making it hard to bloom and grow within it. As I muddled through this process of redefining my purpose, I thought back on when I was a child and some of the significant role models in my life that helped me discover my purpose.

There were a few people that I saw as role models when I was young. Among them were my Mom and my Dad.

They were hard workers…they worked much harder than many people and they accomplished so much. They made a huge impact on their family and this world through all that they did. Their example still lives on in those lives they touched, those very lives that learned because of my parents actions and their expressions of lives well lived. The underlying fundamental value I saw growing up was the value in ‘trying’ and ‘doing’ and that is what they showed me. Because it is in ‘trying’ and ‘doing’, that we manifest the things we value and  how we bloom into the very person we were designed to be. Many family members today duplicate the things that my parents valued simply by watching and learning through their example.

I want to be remembered in this way. I want my gifts to shine through in all that I do and I want to make a positive impact on all those I meet simply through my actions and my expressions of life. I want every person I encounter to feel better simply because I showed them I cared and valued them, or because I helped them learn, grow, and thrive, or they too saw the value in what I was doing. I want to continue the purpose I had as a child and a young adult. I want to empower others with each encounter, to grow with them and to help them grow. I want to encourage others to learn each day and to live each day, each moment and each encounter. I want to be able to daily celebrate with others their accomplishments as well as my own. And, I want to be able to do all this even in the face of adversity, the strong winds and the unbearable soil that sometimes comes with a season in life. I want to find the good and the positive in each and every day and use that good to build and encourage others.

And, at the end of the day, I will have fulfilled my purpose if I can say, I have helped someone to navigate life a little better by something I did or said.  To impact someone’s life in that way provides me with both passion and gratitude and a strong sense of purpose.


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