DECIDE, at this very moment, what is ‘most IMPORTANT’ and begin to celebrate it on a daily basis, hour by hour, and moment by moment. Celebrate it with your words and your actions as you go through each day. When we do celebrate the ‘most important’ in our lives, we begin to truly live, as our focus is where are soul intends us to be. Our inner voice is speaking to us telling us what we value and once we celebrate it moment by moment, hour by hour, and day by day it becomes our priority in our life.

Each day I do 10 things that encourage me to be a better person and to build my life and build those around me. One of those is daily training. This morning I was watching a video of a man who survived a plane crash. He said as he was sitting in his seat waiting and preparing for impact he thought of what was ‘most important’ to him.  ‘Most important’ to him were his wife and his son and his daughter. He immediately pulled out his phone and recorded a video so that they would know how much he loved them all and how important they were to him if he did not survive the crash.  He survived and it was in that lesson that he made a video for all to learn from.

The crash changed his life. It was an awakening for him. I have had a similar awakening. One that challenged me to realize the ‘most important’ in my life and I am stronger, more courageous and more alive than I have ever been.

I now celebrate what is ‘most important’ to me each and every day. And, in doing so I have become more focused, more filled with love, and most of all more filled with gratitude for the life I have and the blessings I have in it.  My ‘most important’ list is more than one thing. It is the core of who I am and who I am meant to be.

‘Most important’ to me is God and the gift of eternal life He promises us. ‘Most important’,  is also peace and the genuineness through being the person God intended for me to be. It is being loving and kind to all. ‘Most important’ is my husband and children and their wellbeing, the deep friendships I have in my life, and the people who have inspired and mentored me to be the best me. ‘Most important’ is all my extended family including my brothers and sisters and their families and my cousins and aunts and uncles. I wish them all happiness, peace, and contentment.

I am thankful I have found all three of these: happiness, peace, and contentment. I am thankful for my most recent journey and season that took me to a place; a hard place,  where I was reminded to focus and celebrate each and every day the ‘most important’ in my life.

As we begin our Easter season on Sunday, I am embracing this opportunity for renewal that Easter brings us each year and will remember to decide each day to wake up and put my focus on my ‘most important’-my ‘why’ I am living my life.

Wishing everyone a very blessed Easter and the opportunity to renew and refresh your soul.

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