To Be KIND……

One KIND word or action can change someone’s day.  One of the most important actions in this world is showing someone you care, showing them support, and respect. By being KIND, we have the opportunity to say, ‘hey, I want to make your life a little easier’ by showing you that I care about you. You may be a stranger, you may be a friend, or you may be a family member. Regardless of who you are to me, I have many opportunities throughout my day to say-hey friend, you matter in this big, chaotic, and busy world.

When I think about ways that we can be KIND to each other, I think about the ways that people have been KIND to me.  I have had 10 year old boys hold the door open for me. I have had people stop me while I was looking for a parking place to tell me there was one ahead. People have smiled at me, said hello, or said a kind compliment. They have let me go ahead in the line when I only had a few things in my hands. I have had people ask me how I was that day and really expect a genuine answer. I have been treated so well by others that it gave me hope and a feeling that we are all in this together. When I was walking with a cane and had just left a restaurant restroom in Arkansas, I had a lady quickly come up to me to let me know that the cane had picked up toilet paper and I was about to walk out of the bathroom with a trail. 🙂 She saved me from feeling embarrassed any further. I was already feeling embarrassed from walking with a cane.  Many times, people have said, I am here for you, and meant it. I have a husband and a son that open my car door for me and a daughter who will call to make sure I am okay after a particularly rough day. I feel blessed by acts of kindness and I wish that for others too.

There are so many ways to be KIND to others and in this world of technology, we can sometimes miss the opportunities.  When I think of social media, I can list many ways to show others that we are KIND. We can say, I respect you by sending a text and saying ‘how are you’, I am thinking about you. And, we can also respond to texts sent to us to let others know we care about them and respect who they are and that we appreciate the text we received from them.  The same thing goes for emails. When we receive emails, we can respond to them, letting others know that we care what they said to us in sending them. When we see something on a social media outlet, we can respond with KIND words.

We can show we care by helping people through hard times and showing up during both the hard times and the good times and letting it be about them and not about us when we are with them.

I have a friend who has raised a son to go forward in this world to bless all those around him. One particular interaction with him stays with me to this day. In a very difficult time for all of us, I asked him how he was doing, how he was holding up and he looked at me and said, “this isn’t about me, this is about all of you and what you are going through”. “And, I am here for all of you.” He was there. He was present. And, his presence was his way of being KIND.

When we show an act of kindness, many times it won’t mean much to us and many times that same act of kindness will mean the world to the recipient of our words and actions.

Let’s keep the KIND acts going throughout this world. You never know how much it will mean to someone. And, many times, it’s as easy as using our manners, to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Have a wonderful day! And, may you be the giver and the recipient of many kindnesses<3IMG_2172 (1)


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