You Were on my Mind…

You know that song with the lyrics…. 🎶when i woke up this morning☀️, you were on my mind🎶.

I used to sing it to my children when they were little. At some point, I stopped singing it but it still holds true. They are always on my mind when I awake each day.

But these days, you were on my mind, holds a fuller meaning. My hubby is on my mind, my brothers and sisters are on my mind, my Mom, my Dad, my brother, his wife, and his children and their families and my friends.

It seems that my mind is very full as I awake to a new day. I begin by thinking about everyone and worrying.  Yes, I said worrying. It’s this wonderful characteristic trait passed down from my incredibly kind, loving, and caring mother. It seems that I have taken hold of it as my very own and since I have to make sure when I do something to do it very well, same goes for the worry, I do it very well.  I start to wake up thinking about everything….the people, my health, my kids’ health, losing weight, and yes, everything including algebra. Of all things to worry about, I don’t think algebra needs to be on the top 10 list. But, today, it was. And, I know why.

Oh, I know there is nothing I can do about most of the things I worry about and nothing I can do for the people I worry about. And, there is certainly nothing I can do about algebra so why let it concern me.

Well, when I woke up this morning to thinking about algebra, I had to address this worrying of mine. I wanted to stay in the romantic notion that i think about others upon waking because I care and that is very true but there’s a whole other side to it.

I tend to ere on the side of happy. I want everyone to be happy and to be treated well. I want the ‘happy’ times, the ‘yippee,’ the ‘woohoo’ times to significantly outshine the difficult times and, I mean significantly.

Today, I woke up with a lot of people on my mind BECAUSE I care about them and love them all and want them to have that happiness. I did not wake up with algebra on my mind because I love algebra. I woke up with it on my mind because I have a strong desire to do well at anything I attempt and when I fall short of that, it somehow manifests itself in my mind.

You see, It took me seven years to graduate from college because when I was in high school I was placed in the non college academic track. While i learned a lot, it wasn’t what I needed to graduate from college. During those seven years of college, I took many courses that one gets in high school.  I didn’t have to take algebra or geometry to get the degree I wanted or so I thought.  As time went on, I took an upper level statistics and somehow got away without taking the algebra. I found out later that the prerequisite for the course was a beginning algebra class. Oops, I didn’t realize that and I was let in to the course. When it came time to graduate from college, I was missing my math. I went to the math department to find out what to do. They discovered I had taken the upper level course and done well and they signed off that the math requirement was fulfilled.

When, years later, I thought I wanted to certify with the state to teach, I had to pass the tests which meant I had to know algebra. So, I taught myself. But, I only taught myself enough to do well on the test.

So, back to why did I wake up this morning worrying about algebra and knowing that I probably couldn’t take the test being given to me in my dream? It’s because I didn’t put my best effort forth. I learned enough to just get through and it was coming back to haunt me.

I had a situation on Friday where I got called out(in a good way) that I hadn’t really put my best effort forth when it came to my health and it really bothered me. This brought up what I had done with the algebra, just did enough to get by…..

So, lesson learned. I WILL put my best effort forth in the very important things in life.

I WILL continue to wake thinking about many people because they are important to me and they matter.

And, just a little reminder to all of you reading this; when you think of me, know, that 🎶when I woke up this morning, YOU were on my mind🎶.

And, that goes for any person reading this that I have not yet met because I wake up thinking about the world and want happiness for all as well❤️. It’s the PollyAnna world I live in each day🌍 and, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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