Writing From a Different Patio Tonight 

Hold on tight!  Most of my blogs have been about love, memories, and seizing the day but tonight as I sit on the plane I hear a song in my ear saying hold on tight. I am traveling to one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world. 

As we fly, my emotions are so mixed up.  I feel torn. I know we all walk in different seasons but I feel sad that I am headed to a beautiful place while others are hurting. 

I think of Dallas and my mind is back there on what the city is going through and what the families of the victims are all feeling. My mind is on the country as a whole because  I know that I could get off the plane and see on a tv screen in the airport yet another shooting, another tragedy, and more deaths all because of anger, hate, and evil. 

When does it end? I am holding on tight to the good but is that enough to keep it around me? I am holding on tight to my family but will that be enough to keep them all safe. I am holding on tight to justice, respect, and understanding but is that enough to help them happen in our world. 

I am worried.  What’s it going to take to change the path of this world and send it spiraling in the direction of good? I am holding on tight but that doesn’t seem to be enough from any of us.  We are now living in a country where people think it’s ok to break the laws, disrespect, and kill others just because we are angry about our own predicaments or the predicaments of people of the same race. We live in a country and world where people are losing respect for human life and respect for each others values.

I think it’s time for everyone to stand up for the good, stand up for all that is right, stand up for being respectful to all human beings, stand up, speak out, take action, and fight in a loving and positive way for ALL!  It’s going to take all of us to win this fight against evil.

When we were little, we were taught how to get along with our siblings. When we went to school we were taught how to get along with our classmates and to respect our teachers.By the time we left high school, we knew how to treat others if we chose to follow that path. 

As we moved on through life, we became more self absorbed, more focused on our families, our extended families, our church families and charities we were involved in and more focused on our friends and our social activities. 

Maybe now it’s time for America and the world to take more time for others. Reach out in friendship, reach out in a helping and caring way, reach out and have those deep conversations with others different from ourselves. Learn about their cultures and their lives. Now is the time!!!

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