Grief And It’s Many Sides

We all deal with pain and grief in different ways. For example, my uncle, upon hearing the news that his youngest brother had passed, promptly went to bed and didn’t get up until he was ready to deal with it. His grief was immense and so overwhelming that all he could do was lie down.

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. She has been in Heaven for 4 years. I did ‘ok’ on her birthday last year but this year seems especially hard to have her gone.

I know that those who grieve will always have grief bursts. Sometimes they will be small, sometimes they will be big, and sometimes they will be huge and debilitating. I think I am getting close or maybe in the midst of a debilitating burst.

My Mom was one of my best friends❤️. I miss her terribly. My best friends are a huge part of my life. SHE was a huge part of my life, my Dad’s life and a huge part of my brothers and sisters lives. I am guessing that since we have lost two other family members this past year that we are all feeling it a little more.

When I feel the grief, I hold on to all my memories, all the phone calls, the visits, the laughter, the joy, and the love. Some people hold onto little things, while others hold on to anything that reminds them of the one they have lost.

I want to hold onto the lessons learned. I want to hold onto her love of music, her love of people, her love of her husband and family, her love of her best friends and especially her love of children. She saw the beauty and the innocence in children. She saw the canvas in which to paint a beautiful creation through caring for them, teaching them, and loving and encouraging them.

we learned alot from her and miss her and all those we have lost, especially recently, every single day.

❤️Happy Birthday Mom❤️

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