Life In The Fun Lane

So we just unpacked and moved in our college sophomore. My husband and I have a lot of fun in life and a lot of adventures in our lives but I have to tell you-college kids have the best life ever!  

Did I cry when we said goodbye-NO! The kid and his roommates have the perfect life. It couldn’t get any better.

This is welcome week at his college and it’s his second run, in other words, he is now a sophomore. He has his own room and a bathroom he shares with one of his closest friends, and a ‘common area’ that is three times the size of his room and it houses a microwave, a full size fridge, a kuerig, and a kettle for heating water. It is also the living area of ‘Tony’. Tony is the knight that stands in the corner next to the huge tv. Tony will become the icon in this living area and will follow in the legacy of last year’s icon…the beloved Pokemon who stood watch over the entire room until he would mysteriously go missing, typically kidnapped by someone or someones’ in other rooms on the same floor. 

So, back to welcome week. They have the choice of doing many planned activities on campus during this week. Oh the decisions that have to be made. What time to wake up, which activity to attend, if any, how to have enough time to hang out with everyone, and where to go to eat among other things and, how to not get caught riding bikes up and down the hall and having desk chair races or the music too loud. Technically, they could stay in their dorm this entire week and still have the time of their lives. They only have to walk downstairs to get nourishment at the eatery housed right inside their building. 

With classes not starting for another week, there is plenty of time to have lots of fun. Now you know why i didn’t cry when we left. If anything, the feelings I had were those of pure envy in that parental sort of way, that is. I don’t feel sorry for him at all because even with working a job part time and taking classes and volunteering, there will still be plenty of time for him to ‘have the time of his life’ and make some incredible memories just like his sister did. 

So, I wish him well and hope for another successful and fun filled year for him and now I need to go find another adventure for me😎🙃😂 so I can have some more fun too✌peace out🌸

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