“No Matter What Happens Never Stop Flying the Plane”

I decided to indulge and do something fun on a weeknight so we went to see “Sully”. Best decision I’ve made this week. Ever been to the movies on a Monday night, sitting in plush seats in a huge theater with five other couples?  It’s an uplifting and freeing feeling. It’s actually one of the best times to go. You practically have the theater to yourselves.

I don’t think I’ve  had a movie trailer pull me in as much as “Sully” did. Although “13 hours” would be a close second.  I remember watching the actual forced water landing in 2009 as it was unfolding. I was amazed at how what could have been a horrible tragedy turned out to be something to rejoice about. At the time, I remember thinking how was this outcome so successful? How did he manage to pull it off and save everyone?

My ‘aha’ moment came after seeing the movie. I understood how he did it. It was a direct result of who he was.

Sully is a leader and a lifelong learner. He is a very successful leader! But, he’s  also a very humble leader. He remembered what his flight instructor told him when he was a teenager. And, not only did he remember it but he lived it. One of the most important leadership quotes that I got from the movie is the title of this blog. Sully was successful BECAUSE he took charge, he never stopped flying the plane, and he trusted and relied on his team to do their jobs. He pulled off the water landing because he utilized his own experience and his knowledge, and the knowledge, experience, and training of those around him.

Now, if we apply that to life, we realize that we are in charge of our own planes and that there are people counting on us and we are counting on ourselves, to keep moving forward, to focus on what’s at hand, and to successfully fly  and land our own planes. Maybe not in such a profound and dramatic way but still we all must ‘safely land the plane’.  To safely land the plane it takes more than the pilot – the one in charge….it takes each and every one of us being in charge.

This brings me to another quote from his movie; we don’t do it alone.  When we all work together and focus we can guide and support each other through any crisis and through life, in general.

And, so whatever happens…never stop flying your airplane of life and never stop learning. We are all needed, to be here, and to bring to the table our unique experiences, our knowledge and our training especially in times of crises but most importantly, in our everyday lives. So, keep actively moving forward and ‘fly your plane’ because in doing so you will be helping others to fly theirs.

And, definitely go see the movie! It is one of the best of the season, very entertaining and  filled with many learning opportunities.

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