What Would Violet Do?

Today is the five year anniversary of my mom leaving this earth and going to heaven. I woke up very cranky this morning. I’d had a rough night sleeping and felt quite out of sorts. I still miss her as if she had just gone away. She was one of my best friends and I miss our talks. I also love and miss how much she cared for and loved my children and my husband.

But as the day went on I remembered something that my wonderful friend and sister-in-law(also one of my best friends) said to me years ago after we lost my mom. We were talking about making decisions about things and my sister in law Nora, out of the blue, says to me….the way I do it is I just think “What would Violet do”?  Violet is my Mom 🙂   She was one of those people that could do it all!

Before that moment, I hadn’t thought about it that way.  Sure, I would ask my Mom’s opinions on many things but hadn’t ever asked myself that question.  Yet, it seemed so normal to my sister in law to think about it that way.  Thinking about it today, I realize what a beautiful testimony that is to my Mom. She was admired by many and probably inspired quite a few people too.

As the day went on, I kept thinking to myself, What would Mom do on this day? Well, Mom would be sad, yes, but, she would try and get as much out of the day as she could until she was just too tired to do anything else.  In other words, Mom would keep on living. She would be so busy thinking about all those people who needed her to ‘worry about’ them. Her kids, her kids that weren’t blood related but yet she loved them and worried about them too, her grandkids, her best friend and her husband and their family, her cousins, the state of the world, and on a more immediate note…helping take care of and educate all those kids that she took care of in the business she and my sister shared.

Really, what my Mom would have done today, would have been what she did everyday….spent her days thinking about those she loved. My Mom truly understood the meaning of love.

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