Our Presidential Election and This Thing Called SUPPORT

I support this candidate or I support that candidate.  “He’s with us” or “I’m with her” campaign slogans have caused me to really think about the word support. Why do we support one person over another? Why throw our money, our time, and our reputation behind one person?

I believe it has a lot to do with our own ideology. But, I think it goes deeper than that.

There is a new show on TV with the actor who played De’Nozo on NCIS.  The show is called BULL.  I think it is aptly named.  The writers tell us that the lead character’s name is Dr. Bull.  If you have watched the show, you realize that the name of the show also gives a hard lesson in how we are ‘played’ in life.  Dr. Bull and his team hold mock juries once the jury of the people they are working for has been put in place.  They hold these mock juries because they want to be able to win the case. They can win the case if they know their jurors and how they will vote.  They look into their backgrounds, their beliefs, their lifestyles, and play on what they discover.

I told my son the other day to watch the show sometime.  It is very much like everyday life these days.  We are coerced, manipulated, or merely convinced into buying something because the commercials, ads, and copy tell us why we need it or why we like it.  They do it by playing on what they know. Many times they will add a piece of music to the commercial that, through its melody or words, encourages us to take a stand in one direction or the other based on our core values and our own belief system or the music merely makes us feel good to hear it and it, in turn, makes us feel good about what we are seeing or hearing in the commercial.

This very thing is also happening in our political arena and our current election  This election is further dividing us as a country, as a community, and as family.  The core, of the campaigns, I believe, IS to divide us.

We are at a crossroads as a nation. We have forgotten how to be nice to each other, to communicate with each other, to help each other get what we want. Instead we get violent to get what we want, we talk mean and hatefully to each other or about each other,  we break the laws of the country, and many have allowed themselves to become victims falling into the mindset that they are entitled or deserve something. We have candidates telling us that we need to vote for them and to get our votes, they play on our fears, our emotions, and our desires to make things better. They lead us to believe and fear that the other candidate or the people siding with that candidate are out to do us harm.  They want us to believe they both have the best answer to improve things.


I have personally checked out of the political war happening in our nation today.  I only have the one vote and will exercise that vote tomorrow. I realize that the electoral college unfortunately will have more to say about this whole race than I will.  I checked out because I am tired of being played. I am tired of our country encouraging people to feel victimized, I am tired of people telling me how I should feel. I want to help people feel strong again….I want to feel strong again.  I want to stand fast to my core values and my belief system and that includes  communicating well with others, showing respect and kindness to all and most of all showing support to people who are authentic and genuine with me.

 I honestly feel that while the election is important, what is so much more important is how each and every one of us treats the other in our everyday interactions. It has to begin in our families and spread to our communities, and then on to our entire nation.  If we show love, respect, kindness, acceptance, and support of each other in our walks of life, we can all come so much further than ANY candidate can ever bring us. We don’t all have to agree but we need to accept and support each other.  It’s time to bring back the citizenship that we practice in our schools….where children are helping each other, building each other up, respecting each other, and they are showing each other kindness. They are thinking of each other.  Can’t we all be together and erase the “He’s with us” and ‘I’m with her” mentality?  I believe that is what our country is missing the most.


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