“Writing Our Own Story”

One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, writes in her book Rising Strong, about having the courage and the tenacity to be responsible and in charge of our own stories. Will we play an active role in scripting it out or will we give that power to others and walk passively along the journey? 

On Friday night and Saturday, I had the opportunity to spend time with three phenonemal young women…..all in their 20’s. One of them was my daughter and the other two, were two of my nieces. If you were to ask any of them, they would be surprised to hear me place the phenomenal label on them but, let me explain why I so easily do so. 

I see them this way because each one of them walks strongly in the life they want to live and the life they are living. Two of them are established in their careers and their lives, the other is on her way and knows exactly where she is going and what she wants.  All three of these women are very confident in their choices, their lives, and their journeys. This is part of why I refer to them as phenomenal. The other reason is that each of these women are what I call good people. They are kind. They are forgiving, they are genuine, and they are not afraid to show their ‘vulnerability’ as Brene Brown suggests. They are willing to listen to and learn from others. They are confident in their relationships and they genuinly have the ability to help others and to help others feel good about themselves. They are also all very intelligent women and at their young ages are already inspiring others and inspiring me. To me, they are already ‘rising strong’ as Brene Brown suggests we all do. They have the courage to deal with the messy things in life. They seem ‘okay’ with the feelings of uncomfortableness that come along with challenges and with the unknowns. They have conquered fears and  they move forward knowing what they want and pursuing it. I think these young women have mastered the ability to be genuine and vulnerable and it is working out beautifully for all of them. They walk strong in their journey actively engulfed in their lives never even considering a passive walk of letting others dictate to them their story. They, are all too busy writing their own story and writing it in a genuine and loving script of who they each are. I have to say I am pleased that I know others like this too, my son included and I admire  and learn from all of them. 

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