Why do people think it is ok and even funny to pick at or criticize others and others choices in life? I see it in our families, our politicians, our leaders, twitter feeds, news, ….whatever happened to ‘if you don’t like something, just don’t say anything’. Or, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. 
Do we pick at and criticize others to tear them down? 

Wouldn’t it be so much better to build them up, be kind, and show them how much we love them. And, if we don’t love them, then don’t maintain the relationship. Just walk away. I’d honestly rather have you walk away, then pick at me, my life, and my choices. Isn’t it better to find the common ground, find the positives in people’s lives, and find the way we can connect? To me, picking at, criticizing, belittling, saying mean and hurtful things doesn’t make relationships, it hurts them. 
As Ghandi said, (paraphrased) be helpful and if you can’t be helpful, then at least, don’t hurt! Be kind, and if you can’t be kind, try not to do anything. And, on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, let’s try to be a little nicer to everyone. 
Ok, done with my rant😊 I would just like people to think before they make negative, critical, mean comments to me or those I love. It’s just not right!

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