On The Patio Tonight

Sitting on the patio tonight with the wind blowing a cool breeze through the trees, I had that wonderful feeling of contentment.

My son came home from college on Sunday and his sister drove an hour yesterday to come see him. She only had a little bit of time and then drove the hour back home. Now that’s love❤️. For the first time since Easter, we had the two of them back with us. And, we were happy.

As I was sitting on the patio tonight, I started texting one of my best friends and had a wonderful time just visiting and making plans. I kept looking at the oak tree with its canopy over a part of our backyard and I was reminded about why we made this move to the country. It was for moments like this. Moments of finding joy and contentment with those I love, doing the things that encourage happiness in ourselves and in each other, and focusing on the here and now, the beauty of the outdoors, and the fresh, cold water of the pool that brought comfort to my sore body.

And, that moment, sitting on the patio and taking life in became the most important of the day. The patio tonight reminded me how thankful and grateful I am to have this life and those I have in it!

I guess, tonight, I counted my blessings…..something us southerners like to do:) and, found I am thankful for my family, for my extended family, for all of my friends and for all those people that I am inspired by each and every day of my life and for all those who have had an impact on mine and my family’s lives.

Each person that comes into another’s life has the capacity and the ability to impact that life. Make it a positive impact. It will mean so much to them and it will make you feel good as well.

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