I am thinking that this blog titled Finding Happy might just become a series. It is so easy to find ‘happy’ out here.

My next door neighbor, Mary, reminds me so much of my Mom. I miss my Mom so very much. She was the rock for so many of us. She was one of the most genuine, loving, and caring people I know.

Back to Mary’s story. I was sick for a week recently and she was so worried about me.  It made me think of my Mom as that’s how she was. She worried about people.

Mary usually just comes in our back gate when she sees us on the patio but she didn’t come to the house at all. She said she didn’t want to ‘bother’ us. She told me later that she just knew I was sick and kept wondering what she could cook me to help me get better.  We both laughed at that thought. She knows all my ‘limitations’ when it comes to eating. So far, she has tried my fudge and the eggs from the co-op that you can leave sitting on the counter.  I imagine we will be cooking things for each other and bringing them over as time goes on but we’ve only lived here a few short months.

A little about Mary, she is one of those people that welcomes everyone in. No judgment, just wonderful acceptance. She has a great attitude, takes really good care of her husband as he is not well and worries about her kids while still holding them accountable, even though they are 45 years or older. She has four kids. And can tell some fierce stories about all of them. She is a career military wife and did a lot of the raising of her kids on her own. She goes out to her pasture across the street twice  everyday to feed her horse and exercises every single day when her best friend arrives at her house to exercise with her. We are quickly becoming best of friends too. She is compassionate, loves kids, is already proud of my two kids and who they are and loves to hear Lucas play the piano as she used to play too. And, she thinks Brad is a gem. She is a caring and loving woman and a positive person who looks for the good.  I think in many ways she reminds me of my Aunt Mary too. Always upbeat, positive and building people up. She can’t wait to go out on our boat and is hoping to convince Frank to come too. Frank is her husband. And boy, does he have the stories to tell. Stories about life mostly but also stories from his career in the military.

While I do agree Brad is a gem, Mary is the gem in this story. She is one of those rare people that God sends our way when He knows we could use their company the most and when he knows are hearts have been broken one too many times.
She accepts me for who I am. We enjoy spending time with each other. She understands my body not cooperating with me. She gets that life can be difficult even when it looks like a person is in the best of circumstances.

Mary is also the ‘go to’ person in the neighborhood. When people are out on walks and they see Mary and Frank on the patio, they end up staying for a chat. She knows all about most people in the neighborhood because she knows them and cares about them. This is what I have been looking for. This is what ‘happy’ looks like. People being kind to each other. People being genuine and loving.

It will be exciting to have many of our friends out to our place over the summer to experience ‘the happy’😊 right along with us. It’s going to be a wonderful summer here in the country.

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