Finding Happy – Part 2

As I sit on my patio, I look out at the yard and onto the pasture and trees just beyond the rod iron fence. We have found ourselves sitting on this patio most evenings this week and last. It truly is life for us. 

We go through life waking up each morning, going to work, and or planning our days filling them with activities, errands, meal making and doing the daily jobs of life. 

But, what if we stopped and truly thought about what it means to live within the moment? What if we began to really slow down, open our eyes and took a look around us?  What if we made a life that we didn’t need a vacation from! What if we could find the happiness in our surroundings, our jobs, our families, and our friends and live it daily? 

I am trying to do just that recently. I have tried to capture the moment and find ‘happy’.  I have an advantage. I have been forced to slow down a bit because my body says it can’t take much more. By slowing down, I have experienced the hawk with a five foot wing span flying over the backyard. I have experienced Bo, the 30 year old horse that lives in the pasture across the way. I have experienced how he embraces life slowly walking around and then in another moment darts off in a trot around the pasture. I call it his happy dance because he looks like he enjoys it. I have felt the beauty of the oak trees as the wind blows through their leaves  and the rapid, yet angelic movements of the hummingbird as it comes to sip from the nectar jar. 

Beauty provides me with happiness. Calmness makes me happy. Friendly, kind  and compassionate people bring me happiness. Peace and people getting along with each other bring me happiness. Meeting up with old friends and new……

  • finding happiness is finding what soothes my soul. 

Listening, truly listening to people and their dreams and sharing in their excitement. Spending time visiting with family and friends. All these things bring me happiness and contentment. Oh, and yes, just sitting on the patio writing also brings me joy. 

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