Finding Happy…part 3…the last in my series on happiness

It was a profound and insightful statement and it was coming from a 50+ year old woman. “I recognize my age and I realize that I have the rest of my life waiting to be lived and I certainly don’t have time to have my head in an IPhone.”

She was actively pursuing her life and finding her happiness and she didn’t want to miss any of it by having her mind and thoughts on trivial things.

Happiness, for each of us, comes from within.  We can have moments of happiness and states of continuous happiness.  I am in one of those states of happiness.  We have discovered what makes us happy.  Our souls come alive by living the “country lifestyle” by seeking and planning the experiences that makes our souls sing.  For us, those are….(you most likely guessed it)….SITTING ON OUR PATIO and listening to the birds, the peacocks, and the geese and watching the hawks and cranes fly over, seeing the hummingbirds sip from the feeders, seeing the roadrunners, and all the other animals, and spending time visiting with each other, visiting with family, neighbors, and friends when they join us on the patio.  It’s where we share our stories, our memories, and our hopes and dreams.  Just beyond the patio is the large oak tree with the cardinals and robins.  And, near that is another piece of our happiness.  The crystal clear water of our pool where we swim and enjoy the blending of the water and the sun.  Our souls are refreshed and warmed all within one glorious sunny afternoon or evening.

Years ago, we defined our happiness and discovered many things bring us joy.  Our children, our extended families, our experiences in the outdoors and our God, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking and baking in an open kitchen, being able to work and play outdoors  and a sense of wonder for most everything in life.

‘How to’ find Happy

Are you on a journey to defining and finding your happiness? Ask yourself these questions. What does it look like? Who do you see in your state of happiness? Is it in a place? Is it with specific people? What are you doing when you see yourself happy? Does it include painting, making pottery, or even owning your own business? Does it include writing a book, poems, or a blog? Does your state of happiness come from your whole life or maybe from a career and a few close friends and family? Does it include nature? Does it include giving back and service?

Once you have defined what you want your happiness to look like, the work begins. Set goals to achieve it. Work hard daily on achieving those goals. Read inspiring books, phrases and quotes daily. Include people in your hopes and dreams that will encourage, support and share in your definition of happiness. Develop yourself a team of people that will bring their attributes and talents to your life to make it more fulfilling and with you, in turn making their lives more fulfilling. Be “okay” with leaving those behind that criticize your choices and your goals and dreams for they will not be a part of your tribe for this journey. It’s not to say that they won’t be a part of your new state of happiness when you reach your destination of what your happy looks like. It just means they cannot be a part of the journey right now.  Be brave and courageous! Be consistent in reaching your goals to find your happiness. And, most of all be excited daily and find the positives in each and every day.

Good luck on your journey. Go and make it happen. You can start it at any age and find success in achieving happiness. Just remember, happiness comes from within you. You must define what it means for you, shield yourself from the naysayers and the many negative things in life, and actively seek out what you want your happy life to look like.

If you feel inclined, leave your thoughts in the comments on how you have found or are finding happiness as we all learn and are inspired by each other. Have a blessed and happy week<3

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