And, so it is… .a time to live, a time to hope, and a time for resilience

Most prevalent in my thoughts tonight is that Fall is in the air. In Texas, apple cider and pumpkins are showing up in the grocery stores and the sun is setting earlier now.  While Fall may be a date on the calendar, it doesn’t officially show up for a while. It happens when the leaves are changing to the bright yellows and deep red and oranges and the cooler weather comes in. It happens when the pumpkin patches start popping up, and that won’t happen for at least another few weeks or so. But, I am one of those crazed individuals that brings it in early because it is my favorite time of the year.

I feel a little guilty with it being the priority in my thoughts right now as I have family members awaiting evacuation orders from the Oregon fires and those suffering great losses from the Florida hurricane. I also have friends who were affected by the mass destruction brought on by Harvey. And I have family and friends who are going through other kinds of hard times.

So, to be sitting on my patio thinking about the approaching Fall season, the cooler evenings, the fire in the chiminea, and in the fireplace, the pumpkins, the changing colors and all the glory and joy that Fall brings with it seems a bit selfish. And, to top it all off, the wonderful aroma of the inside of the pumpkin is my favorite scent of all.

I have been praying for all those affected by the most recent tragedies of life and I have been keeping them in my thoughts. I, too, have recently been dealing with a loss of my own. The loss of hope, the temporary loss of my vision for our future, the loss of my youth, and the loss of starting my own business in the near future. All came to a crashing halt about a month or so ago. So, I think I was allowing myself to indulge in my thoughts of my favorite season approaching while at the same time watching those family and friends that are dealing with hardship too. My hardships are nothing compared to what is happening for many people right now.

I try to learn from most everyone I meet and what has resonated the most is what I have seen in these people who have lost everything or have the threat of their safety and the threat of tragedy lurking in the shadows. And, what they all seem to have in common, is the amazing human spirit.  There lives are turned upside down or they have the fear or threat of their lives being turned upside down. And, yet, they talk about others and the hardships others are enduring all the while having lost everything themselves. They talk of moving forward and are putting plans in place to do so.  They are coping.

I take the lesson with me each time I see them make remarks on social media. Their perseverance is admirable, their example amazing,  and worthy of reflection by me and by others.

And, so it is. as i navigate these unchartered waters I am in, I will follow in their example of how to pick up the pieces and move on gracefully, willingly, and with the courage, strength, resilience, and knowledge that, I too,  will survive and will be all the better for having gone through it.

Life is ever changing but also ever good. Keep the faith!

Note: the picture I have attached is of one of my favorite places in Michigan. This Cider Mill Restaurant is where we made some of our best Fall memories. Whether it was going there or riding past it on the bike trail on our 18 mile bike rides.

One Comment on “And, so it is… .a time to live, a time to hope, and a time for resilience

  1. Autumn is my favorite season also. I understand where you’re coming from about feeling guilty, but you don’t need to. You are praying for them, and sometimes that’s all we can do. Besides, what’s better than a prayer sent to God on behalf of others? You’ll be blessed. Very nice post! 🙂


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