Ending Another Chapter….

Yesterday we said goodbye to our last living dog. The dogs were miniature schnauzers and they were my son’s dogs. We lost the first one to kidney failure during Lucas’ last year of high school and the second one three years later. They were rescue dogs. They were really timid when we got them but within the week, they had made our house their home and their huge personalities brought more joy into our home.  But, it didn’t take us long to recognize that they were recovering from abuse. Little things, like the sight of the flyswatter, would send them running and yelping. So we stopped using the flyswatter.

Sas was the alpha dog and not only was she the leader of both her and Fiesty, but she also ‘self appointed’ herself to be in charge of me. She took her job seriously and would always walk in front of me to lead. It was a tough job for her because I was the leader of the household. I was the organizer, the coordinator, the confidante, the fixer, and the matriarch of my little family. I took my job seriously too. As time went on, she won. She was so adorably cute in her role that I couldn’t do otherwise.

Fiesty hadn’t  been the same since Sas left this world. We thought she would take on Sas’s role in the family but she never did. She always seemed a bit sad. That’s one of the reasons I was excited and hopeful to get her out to the country. And, we did see her spirits lift when she first went into the backyard. But by the time she got here, she was mostly blind and deaf and had arthritis in her hind legs. She lasted less than six months.

Today, the house is unusually quiet. Today I opened the blinds in my office and looked outside for her. It’s strange how something can become a routine and then just completely normal in life that we do it without thinking. Today there is a gaping hole in our great room where her little fenced area used to be. My husband and I were a little surprised by our responses to her passing. Yes, we expected to be sad because she was no longer here but we didn’t expect the feelings to be so strong. And, then it hit us, we are definitely empty nesters now and while we really embrace  that part of our lives; our 3rd act, we still had a little piece of the past here at home. But, yesterday changed it. There isn’t much left of the past now except our photos, our memories, and some things here st the house. So, THIS is how it feels to be truly empty nesters😊

Lucas and Melanie have great lives. Each is happy doing what they want to do in life. Brad and I hear from them often. Actually I got a call from both of them yesterday. Lucas was making jambalaya for dinner and wanted to make sure he got it right. He did. It looked delicious. Melanie was on her lunch break and wanted to check on us.

And, so, as we close this chapter of our lives  and continue with our 3rd Act, we take along the fun memories of the past, the lessons learned, our new dream home in the country  and we look forward to the future and making some more amazing memories with our family, our friends, our home, and our life  in the country.

3 Comments on “Ending Another Chapter….

  1. Awe, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I hate it when pets pass away. But you have a good outlook on the future. Now, when you are ready, you can adopt a new canine companion from the shelter. A big one! 😉 Like a sheep dog. Or even better, a collie…like Lassie. What good is a big old house in the country without a big dog to bark at cars coming up the drive? Or to lie on the front porch by your feet while you and hubby enjoy a cold glass of iced tea or lemonade on a warm sunny day? Or to frolic in the back yard, being silly, and making you laugh?

    Ah, I am sorry. You do what’s best for you! I was imposing my dreams of a country house onto you. 🙄 Thanks for sharing and have a nice Friday!


  2. Hey Melissa, thanks for your kind words. Your description of country life parallels ours….thanks for bringing it to life again through your words. The only difference is that our meeting and visiting place is on the patio. We do sometimes get out to the front porch and sit on the benches but not as often as the back 🙂
    We do like the idea of a big dog but are going to wait for ‘just a bit’. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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