The Road Less Traveled

Three cars converged on the road of one of two entrances to our neighborhood. We all arrived at the same time going in different directions. It reminded me of the book, ‘The Road Less Traveled’ by M. Scott Peck. I was traveling, turning in to the road traveled only by those who come to our neighborhood. The less traveled road. To quote Robert Frost’s poem…”the road not taken” by many.

I feel as though we are finally on ‘the road not taken’, ‘the road less traveled’…. and we are experiencing many adventures that are far from the norm of our previous life. It is, also, where we feel the most comfortable. the place and experiences where we most fit…where we most belong.

When we drive to the lake just beyond the road to our house and pass the clubhouse that looks more like a lodge in a State Park than a clubhouse in a neighborhood; I get this feeling AS IF I am at a lodge in the forest and that I am on a vacation adventure, of sorts, as I experience a  bit of rustic living with beauty all around. Only, it’s not a vacation, but a life.

These days, on our way to the lake, we see lakehouses that look vacant. Patio furniture and cushions moved in, boats gone, and windows shuttered. Those are the homes of the summer residents who migrate back here in late spring…early summer and leave again when autumn and winter approach.   There is no one design of homes here in the neighborhood, they all have their own unique look and that speaks of the people that live here. Their houses show their characters, their personalities, and their uniqueness. There is also this sense of acceptance and kindness that I have not found anywhere else. Neighbors helping neighbors, spending time with each other, sitting on each other’s porches and patios as the cool autumn air begins to blow in.

We no longer have that FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling that we had felt for years. We had a good life where we lived before and had some wonderful adventures, but here, we feel like we have arrived home. Here, we not only know the neighbors but we are connected in a deeper way. People take the time to get to know each other….even the summer residents look out for each other. People wave as they go by and stop to visit while out walking their dogs.  It’s nice to see this kind of life does, indeed, exist. It is a more relaxed lifestyle where the rules are less rigid.

Take Halloween, for instance, our little  town celebrates it on the Saturday before the 31st and it is a big deal. This was last night. We took our chiminea out front and sat by it and handed out candy. We had hay ride trailers, golf carts, and trucks blasting out Halloween songs and filled with trick or treaters stop by. We had teenagers dressed in costume bringing the little kids up for candy and trick or treating themselves. It’s a ‘family affair’ out here and it becomes obvious as we watched those same teenagers hoisting the smaller kids back on the trailer and truck beds. We had neighbors coming up and introducing themselves. It was a very fun evening for everyone. We had over 115 trick or treaters taking part in this neighborhood tradition. Earlier in the day, the neighborhood hosted a festival at the park for all the young kids.

After experiencing last night, and living this lifestyle for the last 6 months, I know we have taken ‘the road less traveled’ and, FOR US, that, has made all the difference.

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