Month: March 2018

Bumps and Roadblocks of Life

Our driver today reminded me that life has a way of throwing us bumps and roadblocks. And, it is in the way that we respond to them that determines the outcome of our existence. He was from Sierra Leone and we had an insightful…

“Look For The HELPERS” ~Mr. Rogers~

Look for the helpers…Mr. Rogers would say. When he was very little and would see tragedy, his Mother gave him that advice and he shared her words of wisdom on his show. He said look for the helpers in times of tragedy, times of…

Pick up the phone😊, Facebook and other Social Media REALITIES

I have to admit that I am really bad about talking on the phone although I do enjoy it once I get in the conversation. I wasn’t always this way but years ago, I easily accepted the shortcuts and the paths to a more…

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