“Look For The HELPERS” ~Mr. Rogers~

Look for the helpers…Mr. Rogers would say. When he was very little and would see tragedy, his Mother gave him that advice and he shared her words of wisdom on his show. He said look for the helpers in times of tragedy, times of crisis, and times when you feel scared.

That’s really good advice. And, recently I was reminded of something else that is similar. Helpers are everywhere. We can also find the helpers in times of celebration, times of happiness, and times of gathering together as friends and family. Families helping families, Moms helping daughters, friends helping friends.

Helpers are one of those positives in life that we come to rely on in ALL times.

I am very thankful for all the helpers in my life. For the helpers that brighten my day when they say a kind word or show they understand, helpers that hold the door for me as I navigate going in to places while on a cane, and those helpers who care for people when they are sick or hurting. Those, to me, are the best helpers of all. And, I think, those are the helpers that Mrs. Rogers was referring to when she said “look for the helpers.”

The one resounding characteristic of people who are helpers is that they show they care through their positive behaviors and actions towards others.

I hope that you find many helpers in your lives as you continue your journey through life.

Have a blessed day!

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