As I sit on my patio writing this, I hear the birds in the distance, a quiet, gentle breeze dancing through the trees, and a hummingbird fluttering above my head and my heart REJOICES. This morning I woke to an owl outside my bedroom window announcing the beginning of a new day.

Summer has arrived here at ‘life on the patio’. There are signs everywhere. The smell of freshly cut grass is in the air. The community market has opened up again for another season. The boats are back on the lake, and people are outside again smiling and waving and sitting on their porches.

Flowers are in all our pots and the seedlings we planted in March have burst into lively plants with flowers where tomatoes will eventually push through and the tiny little watermelon buds are saying….’I’m here, I have arrived and I’m ready to grow.’

These are the days I have longed for since the beginning of Spring. The days that remind ME to keep growing. These are the early days of summer. The sun sets later and dusk sets in slowly as I sit on the patio. My soul has longed for this….the signs of life all around and the HOPE it brings with it.

Everyone needs this HOPE , the hope that changing seasons bring. Whether it’s the seasons of life or the seasons in a year. Each season brings the promise of something new….something exciting about to happen. It’s what keeps us all moving and living.

My soul has needed this very moment. It has breathed the life back into me. It’s my reminder that even as life gets tougher, I will keep the hope.

Although I have worried about this stage of my life for so long, THIS summer season reminds me to keep my promise to myself to push hard and keep creating amazing times even if all the predictions come true. It’s like the song ‘Come Alive’ from the Greatest Showman. It’s time to wake up each day and truly COME ALIVE!!!

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