For 11 years….Life as a Facebook ‘junkie’

It all started in 2007 when my daughter said to me…”Mom, open a Facebook account so that you can see all the pictures I post from college.😊 And, so began my ‘love – hate’  relationship with facebook and social media.

Eleven years later and I still think it was a good idea but I stayed too long, got too involved with it and other forms of social media, and spent way too much time communicating with strangers. Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad but sometimes it felt like I was missing out on other things in life. And, I got distracted from the important people and the important things in life. I didn’t feel the need to connect in person as often, I was getting sad from all the negativity and drama on Facebook and Twitter, and I was feeling drained because I couldn’t really make a positive impact using fb.

But, I also fell victim to how much time I was saving and all the people I was able to connect with. That’s really a fallacy when you stop to think about it.

It was my choice to continue that life for as long as I did. And, then, it happened. One day recently as I was going through pictures, I ‘woke up’ and realized all the fun we were having in our country home. We were building these strong and real relationships with friends, family and even cousins who came to visit. This made me really happy and I wanted so much more of it.

As you know, in life we don’t always make the best choices and sometimes we ‘wake up’ and realize what we truly want. This quite literally happened to me during the night early last week. I woke up with the realization that I no longer needed to be on fb or social media. My kids and my nieces and nephews do photo share with me and others so I wouldn’t be missing out on seeing their photos and, my kids rarely post on fb anyway.

The minute I deactivated my account, I felt free and happy. No longer was I allowing a social media entity to control what I see and what I didn’t see. As the days went on, I had more meaningful conversations with my kids, my hubby, and also with friends I hadn’t really talked with in a very long time.

I am really looking forward to having more teas, more lunches, more gatherings, more game nights, more dinners and more overnight guests in our home and I am excited for what the future holds and the adventures we will seek and find now that my hubby and I are both off fb and are now focusing on the true experiences and meaningful relationships we have and just think about all the people watching we can experience too.

Here’s a quick example of how detached we had become. At the airport last week, waiting for our son to arrive, I sat in my car facing the airport arrival and departure area. Something really cool happened. First, two suburbans pulled up to the curb and stopped, then a truck pulled up behind them. A family of Hispanic descent got out of all three vehicles they all stood at the back door of the back suburban and hugged and held the toddler up high in the air and brought her down and hugged her. They were all laughing and talking and the toddler and parents started to leave and said goodbye to all the people standing there. Men, hugging, laughing and shaking hands. A spectator could tell…it had been a good visit…and everyone seemed to really love each other. I was lucky enough to be “on the outside looking in” and got to experience their joy too. It was a great experience to see all that happiness and love and laughter. Had I done my typical habit and had my head in the phone to ‘pass the time’, I would have missed this beautiful display of family, of love, and joy.

So, I am feeling very thankful I am now truly back among the living and experiencing life to the fullest and I am truly free to be me!

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