The Moments in Our Lives

It is in the moments of our lives that we can capture the most profound lessons and where we can make the most memories.

….My hubby and I share the same birthday, same day, two years apart.

Each year we try to plan something big to celebrate, something to mark the occasion, and something to make each other feel loved and special. This year, we decided to plan something each day of birthday week and it actually turned out well. We didn’t plan huge celebrations, we chose, instead, to celebrate many small ‘moments’ this week.

We started on a Wednesday and will be finishing on Tuesday. Each day has been something different with different people.

Wednesday started off at Cartwright’s. It’s a local Ranch House that serves a real ranch style breakfast. A local friend had introduced the place to me and I wanted to share it with my hubs. It fit us perfectly.

Each day we spent some much needed relaxing time at the lake house. If you look closely, you can see the horses enjoying the sun.The beauty of living in the country near a lake is that we have a forever home that is also our lake house. This means we get to live the lake life 24/7 if we like. For us, though, the most important part about living out here is that it’s a much more relaxed lifestyle….one we have been yearning for for many years. Each day can be spent in the pool, on the boat, playing board games and lawn games, or at the local country and western style town nearby.

Here in the country we can put on any kind of celebration or party we want to have. I love having themed parties. They are fun and very easy to plan. We’ve had afternoon teas like the one we had planned to have to celebrate Thursday of Birthday week, we’ve had family dinners, Valentine’s Day dinners, Kentucky Derby watching party, Fourth of July celebrations to name a few. And, then on Friday, I had lunch with one of my best friends. The evening was originally planned as family birthday celebration and a movie. Instead. We changed it to dinner and a comedy show followed by great conversations.

And, this is where one of the most profound lessons I have learned happened. The comedian halfway through her show got serious and she said “you learn from the part of the story you focus on”. Wow, if we focus on negative things, we learn to be negative, if we focus on happiness and bringing happiness to others, we learn to be happy. This weekend, we have weekend guests, the guys are going to a game in the evening and the girls will have an evening here. I love being able to share our home and enjoy the company of others. This is what life is truly about. On Monday, we will continue our celebration with a pool day and then our son is cooking for us. We are blessed. He is only 21 and loves cooking. On Tuesday, we will end our birthday celebration but it won’t be the end of our many celebrations out here. As, LIFE is good in the country on any given day. Ending it on Tuesday is perfect as Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I see Tuesday as a do over day because if you didn’t get it right on Monday, no need to worry, you always have Tuesday to do it the way you wanted😊

And, so, in taking action on what I learned ‘in the moment’ this week….I choose to focus on the happiness story.

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