Kindred Spirits are impossible to forget….

Today’s blog is dedicated to one of my kindred spirits, a best friend, and even though she was my Mother, she was also one of my ‘soul sisters’ and I felt honored to be one of hers.

It is on this day, her birthday, that I miss her the most. Her death came upon us all with an angry vengeance sweeping us into incredible grief and turmoil with no time to prepare for her sudden departure. It took me five years to move through this grief. It was such a devastating loss for all who loved her.

She was a beautiful soul that blessed this earth for too short of time. Hers was a life of giving, caring, a life of loving, rarely taking time for herself, except when she was doing what she treasured most, rocking the babies to sleep in her arms. It was as much for her as it was for them.

Kindred spirits, defined, are our confidantes and soul sisters. They are those people that we find ourselves feeling the most comfortable with….those individuals that we allow ourselves to feel the most vulnerable with. We share our deepest secrets with them and they with us. We connect well and stay up ’til all hours of the night talking, hardly ever experiencing a lull in conversation. There are many ‘kitchen table’ conversations, and we forget to even check the time when we are together because our time together is so meaning filled and so much more important and enjoyable than anything else. We are energized by their presence and they by ours.

Kindred spirits bring us happiness, joy, and contentment because they give us a sense of belonging, a sense of value, and confidence and empowerment.

My Mom was the epitome of a kindred spirit for me. We were both ‘sensitives’, souls who have visions of babies being born and more. We knew when some things were going to happen or if something was wrong within the family or with a close friend.

And, not only that but she was a woman of character, a woman of strength, and a courageous woman. When I had a moral dilemma, I knew exactly who to seek counsel from….and she always led me in the right direction. Likewise, when she had a moral dilemma, she would call me or another one of her kindred spirits.

I am lucky enough to have eight….possibly ten women in my life that fit this definition. I feel allowed to be free to be me and I feel comfortable in who I am around them. Some have the abilities that my Mom and I shared, most do not. Are they perfect? No, but when we are together, we all get to be genuine and that is a gift and a real treat in this life.

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