When You Are on ‘the injured list’….A New Chapter In Your Story

“When you are injured, you feel a little bit left out”

I was watching a show on international soccer the other day and the above quote was given by a player. All he could do was watch his team from the sidelines because he was on the injured list and not allowed to play. He could only watch them struggle with no chance to assist.

I often get a lot of insight from the things these young players say. They seem to have an introspective process that actually applies well to everyday life.

I, also, am on the ‘injured list’. In many ways, I have been on that list for most of my life. And, after hearing this quote, I started thinking about all the people who are on the ‘injured list’, physically and emotionally and I realized that what the young soccer player said is so true. It is easy to feel left out when you are injured because you can’t do as much as others can physically do. But, I also know many people like this who have pushed through on a daily basis to achieve great things. They don’t let their limitations stop them. They find ways within the circumstances they are given to have a strong sense of purpose, to be useful, to be successful. The lesson here is NEVER GIVE UP! Even, when you are sidelined, there is still so much you can do.  I was really in need of this reminder and here’s why.

Each year when my daughter goes back to teaching and my son goes back to college, I realize that we are all writing a new chapter to our life story, myself included. Only, this year, the new chapter feels strange to me.  I had lost some of my sense of purpose. So, when I heard this young player speak, I realized that we are only sidelined by our limitations if we allow ourselves to be. I decided then and there that I was not going to allow myself to stay ‘injured’. I was going to find a new sense of purpose no matter what my physical circumstances were.

My new sense of purpose is to NEVER GIVE UP! Ive got to live each day as me in whatever definition that happens to be. It is to continue to make a positive impact on as many people’s lives as my own and it is to continue to help other people’s lives be a little easier merely by my being in it. The focus is on what I can do rather than what I can’t do. It is a much better perspective to embrace.

I was discussing this with my son and my hubby a couple of nights ago before my son went back to school.  I told them about my need to find more purpose in my life and my son reminded me that even though i was limited physically that I was so valuable in other ways. He likened me to the old Buddhist monks who could barely move in their bodies. He said I was very much like them because people sought them out for their emotional intelligence, their ability to make a person’s life a little easier just by talking them through things, and offering their wise guidance. He said, “we ALL come to YOU for that guidance.” It was a huge compliment and one I very much needed at the time.

And, so, there you have it….another great lesson learned from my ‘life on the patio’!

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