A Seat At The Table

I have been reading this book called Two Chairs written by Bob Beaudine and it reminds me of my growing up years. My parents were big on having family dinners and it was important that we all be there on time and ready to say the blessing.  I didn’t realize the importance and the significance of this until I started having my own family dinners, first with my small family and, now….while living out here in the country.

Both of these examples are about valuing our spiritual, emotional, and physical well being….the most important things in life.

In the book Two Chairs, the author talks about starting his day with God. The chair sits across from him as he talks, then listens and makes this his most important act of the day. And, when I read that, it ‘hit’ me….what a wonderful world it would be if we did as the author of Two Chairs does each morning. Each day doing what is most important to us.

I want to do as my parents did and recognize the importance and value of having  ‘A Seat At The Table’.  I also want to host more family dinners, game nights, nights with friends that turn into mornings, and backyard parties and I want them to be the most important part of my days, weeks, months. I want people to feel valued....by offering a ‘seat at my table.’ I want them to feel they have something important to tell me that I can’t wait to hear about. Because they do! They have amazing, sometimes funny, and even courageous stories to tell from their past, their present, and, dreams about their futures to share.

I did just that this past Wednesday and Thursday. We, here at ‘Life on the Patio’ had one of those wonderful times when ‘nights turn into mornings’ when a friend came to visit. We have had many people come and stay and turn the nights into mornings in the short time we have lived out here.

All the visits seem like something right out of the movies. They don’t seem real but, yet they are! And, I know that it is the peace and contentment that people feel when they venture out to the country that brings out the best in these visits and gatherings. Many times, it’s like watching a Hallmark movie. We have been so blessed by these visits this past year.

This particular visit was a friend that I hadn’t seen in a few years. And, her visit made me forget about the pain I’m in and the work that needed to be done and we loved the time we had.

I am so excited when we have people out as I want to hear all about each life, the impact they have made or are making on our world, and the fun they are having and have had.

I want everyone to know that no matter who they are in my life…that they will ALWAYS have A Seat At The Table’ anytime they should need it or want it.

This has become my new priority and those are today’s thoughts from my fun and happy ‘LIFE ON THE PATIO’.

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