As The Light Shines Through The Window

As the light comes in this morning, I feel a renewed sense of hope. It has been raining here for many days with no sign of the sun. The ground is saturated. The lake is full and many of the shore trees and some of the boat ramps are underwater. The lake is too full as are the many other area lakes and rivers. We have received an abundance of the much needed rain in our area and I, and many others are happy and grateful to have it. The only thing is, now though, we have had enough.

We would all like a little more sunshine and bright days in our lives. I mean that figuratively and literally. And, today, we are receiving just that….a little more brightness, sunshine, and hope shining in through the window and into our lives.

And, so, this is the story of hope…of carrying on….of pushing through until we get to the point where we can see some light.

I HAVE HEARD we are not defined or judged by our problems, only by our response to those problems, tragedies, difficulties, frustrations, and hurdles in our lives and I believe that is true.  Our problems are not what make us who we are but how we deal with them speaks volumes on how we journey through life. I used to be able to respond with the ‘fight’ mode and grow through the experience and have generally been able to navigate through and to help those who are hurting or, in our case, rise up, and guide and pull and encourage all of us through. I have done just that most of my life but lately I am feeling worn out, I’m tired and feeling saturated by the overabundance of difficult things in our lives, in the lives of our families, and in the lives of our friends. I feel full to the brim just like the rivers and the lakes, to the point of flooding over and bursting at the sides.

And, then when I feel as if I’m drowning….there it is…a small sign of hope… In this case…the light shining through the window.

When the sun shines through the window and in the sky after some particularly dark days, I feel a sense of excitement, a sense of energy returning to my tired body, psyche, and soul. Maybe it’s just that it feels like a sign saying find the light, find the joy again, find the lesson to be learned, and always remember….as my son says….’YOU got this’!

It’s so easy to feel saturated when so much adversity comes at you and fills your life and, eventually, your soul. It is then that I long for and watch for the signs of hope. The signs are the anchor that slow me down and provide me comfort.

As I watch the light shine through the trees and through the windows, I look for other signs and to past lessons learned from ‘life on the patio’ and if one thing resonates through all, it is this….HOPE anchors the soul ~Hebrews 6:19~. And, with hope, we can always ‘carry on’ and persevere knowing that there are more lessons to be learned, lives to impact, and love to give and to receive.

And, there it is… this week’s lesson learned from ‘life on the patio’…..remember to keep on looking for signs of HOPE when life gets tough and we have been given an overabundance of difficulties. These signs will carry us through.

Wishing all a wonderful week from our little ‘little slice of Heaven’ here in the country.

4 Comments on “As The Light Shines Through The Window

  1. “we are not defined or judged by our problems, only by our response to those problems, tragedies, difficulties, frustrations, and hurdles in our lives” I believe this too! Great thoughts 😊

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