Month: November 2018

The Joy in Traditions….The Family Meatloaf Recipe

This is another story about finding joy in our everyday lives. I love traditions and finding the joys of life. Simple things, really, that brighten someone’s day and that keep traditions alive. My son called a couple of days ago to ask for the… Continue Reading “The Joy in Traditions….The Family Meatloaf Recipe”

Outside My Bedroom Window

At any time of day or night, outside the bedroom window to the east, there is always something wonderful to see or hear. From around 11:00 p.m. and on, when we hear the faint magical whistle of a train that makes us think of… Continue Reading “Outside My Bedroom Window”

The Day I Remembered…THIS IS ME!

The day I remembered, there it was….staring me in the face, the memory of my ten year old self laying flat out on the ice cream parlor floor, in pain, after falling for the umpteenth time that week. I was talking to a friend… Continue Reading “The Day I Remembered…THIS IS ME!”

Veterans Day – A Time of Gratitude

Sending out a huge THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served in the military. As I drive through our tiny little town, I see our symbol of freedom flying on many flag poles free standing in the middle of property… Continue Reading “Veterans Day – A Time of Gratitude”

The Raccoon Encounter

With a country raccoon or any other country animal
For that matter, there is this mutual respect. We don’t shoo them off, we live side by side sharing the land.

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