The Raccoon Encounter

Arriving home late last night, we pulled into our driveway. On both sides of the driveway, there are culverts with a large hollow pipe running under the cement top. The culverts are there to help the excess water channel through the area.

As our headlights hit the culvert on the right side of the driveway, up popped the head of a tiny raccoon with a quizzical look on his face. Of course, I was probably just imagining the look that seemed to say “What?” Or maybe it was, “What are you doing, turn out the lights.” But, it sure seemed like he was telling us something. That, or he looked like he just got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. Either way, whatever he was doing made him look so cute we both laughed. Small things give us such happiness out here.

It’s another one of the joys of living the country life. It’s also the time of year when the leaves start to fall and we can again see the barn in the back of the pasture across the street. It’s a beautiful, 100 year old barn with lots of character and I am sure, many a story to tell. All last autumn and winter, from our patio, we got to look out on it and listen to all the animal sounds from the woods and the sounds of chickens and peacocks from neighboring houses. It is one of my favorite memories.

Back to the raccoon, I am really happy that he came out to ‘say hi’ and that he is sharing his home with us. He was the first raccoon we have seen here and it was more exciting because we got to see him up close. We have been blessed by many animal sightings since we moved here and it’s always a treat to see them in their own environments.

With a country raccoon, or any country animal for that matter, there is this mutual respect we hold. We don’t shoo them off, we live alongside them, sharing the land, and enjoying what they offer to our lives. I think we can all learn a big lesson from the country animals and apply it to our lives as people. It’s the mutual respect and acceptance to allow each other to be free to be ourselves, follow our dreams, and live out our lives without judgement and criticism.  And…..that is this week’s lesson learned from Life On The Patio.

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