Outside My Bedroom Window

At any time of day or night, outside the bedroom window to the east, there is always something wonderful to see or hear. From around 11:00 p.m. and on, when we hear the faint magical whistle of a train that makes us think of the polar express and for a split second, urges us to want to run to the front yard to await its arrival, we experience the world around us. At 3:00 a.m., we wake up to the owl in the oak tree across the way ‘telling us a story’, at 6:00 a.m, we see the bright ‘star’ shining in the window to discover it’s not a star at all but Venus. It is beautifully bright and surrounded by many stars in our dark country sky at this time of year. Around 7:00 a.m., the doves start talking while sitting on the ground near the bird feeder. And, then the sun comes up and shines on the aluminum roof of the 100 year old barn in the pasture and we can just imagine the stories there are to tell within those barn walls. With all these things occurring, we can’t help but feel the joy of another glorious day.

As the day moves on, a beautiful, light brown foot high falcon with a huge wingspan flies onto and plants himself on our fence. He stays for a visit as I watch from inside the window careful not to spook him. I don’t take these visits lightly and I stay ‘in the moment’ as he sits atop the fence. And, then, just as quickly as he arrived, he flies away.

A little later on, a tiny gray and white finch lands on my windowsill and taps on my window. Some days, the family of cardinals bright with red backs and chest sprinkle the grass pecking for food and fly through the air outside the window.

And, then as the day starts to turn into night, the flock of geese fly slightly above our roof honking all the way to the lake.

The sights and sounds outside our window brings me a happiness that sustains me even on the hardest of days as there is ALWAYS something to celebrate at life on the patio and always something to see, hear, and to ‘soak in and refuel’ our souls here in the country.

We are very thankful for these gifts and for our lives here.

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