Mark Twain said….”The two most important days in every life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”

I, of course, don’t remember the day I was born but my parents would tell me stories about it. The day I discovered why, well, that has been a process. When I saw this quote, I knew it was what I needed to write about today. I have been feeling kind of ‘called’ to get it in writing for quite some time so here I go. Bring on the bravery😊.

Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? That Christmas song comes to mind as I write today. No one sees exactly what you see or hears exactly what you hear for we are all humans with different life experiences.

Still, I struggled for so long, because, for me, it’s in the details of life. For many years, I didn’t understand that I saw things differently than approximately 80% of the world population and I didn’t ‘get’ why things didn’t affect others the way they affected me. I am affected harshly when I see or hear about violence. I visualize most everything I hear. I am a “Mister Rogers” kind of gal as I need to look for the helpers…find the positives in ‘all things life.’ I come to the aid of people being wronged by others. And, I do not tolerate abhorrent behavior such as meanness, hostility, belittling, and other kinds of abuse. It wasn’t until about 25 years ago that I finally learned and started the road to accepting how I was different and I am now thankful for me.

So, WHY was I born to walk this earth? I believe it was and is to encourage, inspire, and provide hope to others as a catalyst in spreading the messages I see and the messages I receive. It is also because I have abilities and characteristics in my personality, basically, who I am, that brings value to those around me that need a listening ear, a word of hope, and a deeper insight/perspective to what is happening in their lives.

Years ago I started researching why I felt like I didn’t belong, why I tended to be the target of people telling me I was being too sensitive or taking advantage of me, and why I was the target of other peoples’ criticisms, bullying, meanness, abuse, and the victim of sabotage…trying to ‘take me down’ many times. And, why I, on the other hand, was also the person others sought out when life got tough….not everyone, but a large group of people through the years, that sensed I could somehow help. It seemed like my life was a contradiction. On one hand, I suffered and on the other, I was so valued.

What I discovered changed the path of my life and led me into a life of seeking positivity and leaning more into the emotional aspects of life and focusing on the details there. I discovered, with much research that I, am an HSP, a highly sensitive person and, according to the research done by Elaine Aron, that’s not a bad thing😊. It is a type of personality that around 20% of the world population have.

I learned that I, am one of the 20%. The most important attributes of this type of person is that we see ‘more’, feel ‘more’, and think ‘more deeply’ on a moment by moment basis. This can, at any given time, feel like a blessing or a curse depending on the situation. As an HSP, I see more detail. It’s how my brain works. Years ago, with the prognosis that I would eventually go blind, my hubby, trying to lighten the impact of the news, says to me, “well, you’ve always seen more than anyone else I know…” Ha, he did understand what it means to see ‘more’. It’s like a sixth sense where I many times can see what people are trying to hide so as not to burden others with their problems.

We’ve all been given a ‘lot’ in life to navigate. This is my ‘lot’ to journey through. I also discovered at the time of so much researching that I am an empath. I kept all of this hidden for so long because I didn’t have the courage to truly be me and to embrace all of it. It wasn’t completely hidden, though, because I had my Mom for so many years and she too was an empath. She just knew when to call someone and she had dreams and visions about others. She and I were able to share these things in our conversations. She was a gentle, beautiful, kind woman that helped me navigate through it all. She was my guide. I doubt she had a guide for herself, but she was a wonderful guide on navigating people through life.

I am writing today and going with ‘full disclosure’ as I feel ‘called’ to express this but also in hopes that it will help someone who is struggling or feeling ‘less than’ from feeling like you don’t belong. You do! Your job and journey here in life is one to be discovered by you. The impact you make can be a ‘positive’ on so many others, and, if you aren’t already, it’s now time to live your life to the fullest and be a bright light in other peoples’ lives. It is time for you to be true to you and love yourself fully for all the gifts you have been given. Today, I am celebrating my gifts and helping those I am drawn to, to be a light in their lives, make their lives a little easier, and give them love and understanding and a sense of belonging in this world.

Celebrate your gifts and talents now! Whatever they may be. Don’t hide them for as long as I did. Be your authentic self so that you can contribute to the world all you were designed to do.

Our future here at ‘Life on the Patio’ is bright and filled with so many wonderful things that are just waiting to happen and I am so thankful that I continue to learn each day the value of the emotional part of life. I am filled with gratitude that I have discovered and have truly embraced, as Mark Twain said, the day I found out WHY 😊

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9 Comments on “Mark Twain said….”The two most important days in every life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”

  1. That’s interesting, Diane. I have heard of HSPs and empaths before, but did not know many details. I am glad for you for having found your life’s purpose. That is much more than most of us will ever be able to say about ourselves.

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  2. wow! so having spent my whole life knowing literally nothing but medicine, i am now exploring a whole new world of ideas. As someone who believes we are all here to discover our purpose in life and to hopefully make the world slightly better, i am always impressed when i find other people who “feel” (pun intended) the same!. I literally just read an article recently about HSP and empaths! I was very grateful to have come upon it and even told my husband how it helped me understand myself and my children. I realize that my husband is the opposite. He hasn’t a clue what others are feeling, neither do his parents. That has always been so frustrating for me. However I know exactly what the vibe is when i enter a room. I’ve always taught my kids to pay attention to their feelings. I also want to make others feel better. As an anesthesiologist I took great pride in comforting people before putting them to sleep. When I was getting very sick but didnt understand that yet, I switched jobs to geriatric and memory care, because i was able to get more rest and be under less pressure. And I LOVED making alzheimer patients happy even if they couldn’t remember who i was, i brought them happiness and laughter through chatting. My son whose hebrew name means “compassion” volunteered there too, and he was only 15. Everyone was shocked how well he interacted when helping these people-he needed no training!
    But in the article I read, an HSP can go two ways-either helping others, or drowning in the pain that the hypersensitivity can cause. Sounds like you went the first way and I did too. I hope that my empathic children can also find their way through the mess into positivity. It hasn’t been easy for my oldest daughter-she almost crumbled from dealing with “mean people.” I do have one child who is strong and appears to not care, but she is so warm and soft hearted underneath. If someone wrongs her, however, she will beat them up(verbally) and disconnect from them for life! I am glad she is strong.
    I haven’t seen what illnesses you suffer from but I too am glad to have met you!

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    • Thanks so much for sharing more about yourself. Our sons and our eldest seem very similar. Both my children are quite empathic and HSP’s. Now I truly understand why you were so good with your patients 🙂 Have you gone to Elaine Aron’s website yet? She shares quite a bit of information on being an HSP. It took me a long time to actually start telling people I was an empath and an HSP as if it wasn’t something bad haha, instead of it being the amazing thing that it is. So glad to have found you ❤

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      • ok thanks-I’ll check it out. Until I heard of HSP a couple weeks ago, I kept telling my husband that our sensitivity has to be genetic! That was the only way I could describe why my kids were like me. I was ecstatic to find that there was actually a “label” for this too😆😆kinda like ADD!!

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