Seeing LOVE ‘In Action’

I love how my kids go to each other for help with the things they have talents in.

My son is an excellent scientific writer and, while he can be a creative writer as well, my daughter is an amazing creative writer and so yesterday, they spent the better part of the afternoon developing a story that my son wanted. Working back and forth for hours creating, building the story, and fine tuning it until it was what they both wanted. It was really fun to watch and listen to them in this mode. And, it gave me a chance to relax and enjoy the moments. When they finished, my son went on to do some more scientific writing for a journal publication that he needed to submit, while his sister opted for some down time. She often jokes that he, even though the younger of the two, is the much more successful one. They both are good people and both work hard at the things they are passionate about and they both like their time for activities they enjoy.

It was really fun to see them show each other how much they care. Sometimes it’s through joking with each other and other times it’s building the other up when they themselves are being too hard and critical on themselves.

I see the signs, especially at holiday time of the ways they show they love each other. On Christmas Eve she opened a gift from him that he picked out for her on a recent trip he took. My daughter is an avid traveler that doesn’t hesitate to go and do something even if it’s on her own and he being more of the worrier of the two siblings, bought for her a rock(gem) designed to protect travelers that she can carry with her on her adventures.

It was heartwarming to watch each of these actions play out.

My love language is action or as Gary Chapman expresses it in his book called “Five Love Languages”, acts of service. It’s expressing love through actions. For me, I see these actions my kids take and see that it’s about being a brother and a sister and watching out for each other, seeking each other out when help is needed and encouraging each other to keep moving, moving forward each day, and to keep making great things happen through the easy times and in the times of adversity. I love how they help each other and show that they care about each other through actions even though sometimes they completely disagree and let each other know that too 🙂

They are both creatives and intellectuals and to watch them develop something as they did yesterday, is entertaining to say the least. There have been some rocky times when they don’t agree but the acts of love and service to each other gives me hope that even when disagreements arise between them, they can always respect, love, and show how much they care simply by small acts of service and helping.

On a side note, last night we attended an early New Year’s Eve dinner party. Again, I saw the love from our hostess shining through in her actions. Everything was done up perfectly. She had each place set beautifully, special coffee and tea cups, a four course meal and a server who filled our tea, our coffee, picked up our plates as we finished, served us dessert, and engaged in conversation with us. All the while, our hostess was able to sit and move between each group and enjoy the company of all who attended. She also, blessed us with, not just her gift of hospitality and the love she expressed through her actions but she let us know how much each of us were of value to her. My hubby and I are new to this group and we feel so blessed to be invited to join these men and women who get together every month…sometimes every week….just to enjoy each other’s company. We went away from her home feeling accepted, loved, and cared for. It was a beautiful gift that I hope to carry forward into 2019.

In yet another story, on Christmas Day, my sister invited our family for dinner. She spent countless hours preparing for this meal and the appetizers by planning and serving foods to accommodate all the allergies of those attending, with her son doing a lot of the cooking, and by planning games to make the day extra fun. She and her family put lots of love actions into this very special day.

So, tonight from Life On The Patio i am filled with gratitude by the expressions of love and caring that I have seen during this season. It was beautiful to watch and to feel each scene unfold and I am grateful for all the experiences.

image credit: Pinterest

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