Letting Go In These Uncharted Waters Of Life

Ahhh! I am so very grateful for this beautiful life we have out here, waking to the sun shining through the windows and seeing the splashes of color of the cardinals, wrens, bluebirds, the painted buntings, and the doves in the yard. We wake each day to these wonderful sights and sounds and it brings us hope for a brand new day and fills our souls with much needed joy. Before we see any of these though, we hear the mockingbird saying good morning with it’s beautiful voice as the sun rises and we laugh wondering if he or she thinks they are the rooster giving all of us a wake up call. All this starts to happen shortly after sunrise and, on the days when the sun is shining bright, the world seems a lot more awake, more friendly, more full of life.

To be greeted by these sights and sounds is a dream come true for us. As even in our saddest times or our most difficult health days, our spirits are lifted simply by listening, looking, and soaking it all in.

There are a multitude of lessons to be learned in each moment and LETTING GO is the big one for me this year. Really, though, it’s not just about letting go of people, of things, of the past, it’s more about EMBRACING the here and now. To me, this is the message from the mockingbird this morning. He repeats what he hears just as we ‘repeat’ each day of our lives. We are given each day, another chance to live, to see another sunrise, and to experience more of our incredible world. There are so many things I need to stop including and repeating in each of my new days. The thoughts that bring me down, the people that have moved on for one reason or another, the same habits I continue to do that are robbing me of my joy.

While these may be uncharted waters that I am in, I am smart enough intellectually to know that I don’t have to keep holding on to things that no longer have a purpose, a value, an importance in my life. I am emotionally intelligent enough to know that relationships also change and grow….sometimes positively and sometimes negatively many times through no help or fault of my own and so letting go of some of these is equally important. And then, there is the letting go of the worry that comes with motherhood and trusting, fully trusting 🙂 that my children are making wise decisions and traveling fully on their own journeys’ in life and no longer needing a lot of our time or help.

I am so grateful for all the signs of life here in our little town. The waves in the lake splashing against the shore, the water birds like the blue heron and the geese dunking their heads to find food, the land animals like the deer, the rabbits, the roadrunners, the horses, the wild turkeys, and the sky birds like the hawks…..all constant reminders to continually and daily step up and choose life and all it has to offer us….while at the same time LETTING GO and leaving the unnecessary things behind, where they belong, as gentle reminders of past lessons learned.

Have a beautiful day😊

11 Comments on “Letting Go In These Uncharted Waters Of Life

    • Yes, I saw your post a couple hours after I put mine out and thought wow, we really are aligned a bit😊. My son and his gf traveled back to school today. Reminding me it’s time to accept and know that I don’t have to worry😊. Stay warm! I’ve been enjoying your blogs!

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