‘Just Do It’…Better yet…just do what you can….that’s what matters♥️

I posted a quote yesterday and it’s the same picture you see here today. I did it as a precursor to this post.

Living this life I am living, with the temporary limits I have, can sometimes be draining and I know many others with my illnesses feel the same way. I find walking this path most difficult when I know someone who is hurting, someone who is in need, someone who is struggling. Or, when I receive an invitation to a gathering or to help with something and find myself in a position where I am not able to help or attend. It feels like I have failed, and while some types of failure are essential to life and good for us, this feeling is only good if I learn something from it. Of course, being me, that is what I set out to do.

It is so hard to NOT be able to physically and actively ‘just do it’ and push on and push my things back again. That was who I used to be. And, really, let’s be honest, just doing it is not always the best solution.

But, what is a good solution? It’s one I learned because of all this experience I have on the subject😊.

Now, keep in mind, this solution is coming from someone who could ‘never do enough’. And, yet the solution is so simple! All you have to do is use your own talents, gifts, and unique abilities to do the things you can. And, that is ENOUGH. It has value in it because it came from you and you did something!!

Doing what you can begins by ‘thinking out of the box’ and getting creative every time a situation arises. Every time you find an event or situation where you can’t do…just counter it with what you can do. For instance, last night, I missed a really fun party and a way to bring joy to others as well as receive. I was disappointed and then I realized that when I feel better I can have the hostess from last night over here and show her how much I value her and her friendship. Another time, i thought ‘out of the box’ and found a way to help was when I emailed back and forth with someone who was dealing with life and death issues and while I couldn’t be at the hospital, I was able to reach out through words and, that was enough and was important. And then, there was a situation that happened recently where a family I know went through a terrible tragedy. They live very far away and while I couldn’t be there in person, I could offer the solitude, peace and joy of my home when the family needs to just get away from all they have been through and rest. And, then, there is a weekend coming up where some family members are gathering and I will miss that too. But I sent something small to make it more special for all those meeting. You see, it’s all about changing my mindset into the CAN DO mode and that is when great things start to happen. There are so many ways to spread sunshine and you can even do it with people you haven’t met yet! This is such an exciting concept and I plan to move through 2019 PURPOSEFULLY spreading sunshine and happiness in my own way. I think I have always tried to do this but not in response to an ‘I can’t’ scenario.

I am actually surprised at myself that it has taken me this long to figure out that I can still spread sunshine even without having a physical presence as over the years I, my hubby, and my kids have had to miss a few of those celebrations and gatherings where it was important to be ‘up front and center’ and it used to be that I couldn’t wait for the date to be over so I wouldn’t feel so sad or bad.

I am very happy I finally realized that it’s better to do the things I can to still spread sunshine rather than feel sad of all the things I can’t do. Now I am thankful for all the things I CAN DO and it has given me a new sense of excitement to meet each obstacle with an ‘out of the box’ thought of how I can make it work to bring a little joy or sunshine to other people’s lives sometimes all within the cozy comfort of my own home.

That’s a great lesson to learn and act on. If you ever find yourself in the same predicament…know that there is always a solution. A solution where you can show another person how much you care and show them love. Remember, one small action is enough.

I heard another quote tonight…this one from a show. He said “I lived, I loved, and I was loved and that is all that is needed in this life!

Have a wonderful week finding ways to give joy, love, care, and sunshine to others.

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12 Comments on “‘Just Do It’…Better yet…just do what you can….that’s what matters♥️

  1. Amen !! I so understand .. there is slot I can’t do but what I can do is important and it’s taken a bit to realize this. When I couldn’t be at my sons Army Basic Training Graduation in Missouri .. my Mother-in-law going with my husband was so depressing . I can’t fly and all the walking would have been to much for my legs . My son understood completely and told me that he needs me in so many other ways as of always having his back and living him . That broke me . But you are so write it’s not what we can’t do but what we can . And that matters more. Thank you for such an uplifting post . Always thinking of you ❤️

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