The Table and our Country Life

Updated picture is our farmhouse table all set for Valentine’s Day and the month of love♥️

We very shortly will be adding the final piece of furniture to our country home. I have to admit I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. We have been looking for a farmhouse table with chairs and bench since we moved in however we could never agree on what we wanted until now.  We have been working towards providing that feeling of Hygge to everyone who comes through our doors. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a sense of coziness with feelings of wellness and contentment in an environment of conviviality.

I guess we hadn’t been able to find a table because we had a particular vision in mind…a goal, with hygge in the forefront, for this very special table. It was to be our hosting table where every one had a seat at it and hospitality was its destination. One of our criteria for this table of ours was that it had to be large enough to host many people at once. It had to be nine feet long. It had to be able to host large family dinners, game nights, neighbors and friends evenings, celebrations, and be able to be a part of our daily lives as well. Until now, we have been making the gatherings here happen by placing card tables and a picnic table together and covering them with pretty tablecloths.  It has worked well and has been fun but it didn’t provide comfort and contentment for those seated at our table and it didn’t give people a sense of lingering at the table just a little longer to enjoy each other’s company.

This will be our last large table for our home.  The first one lasted us 23 years and was more of a kitchen table…the interim table( a counter height one) will continue on in another destination doing its hosting duties with one of our children. This is our third table and it seems only fitting as this is our 3rd Act and we are determined to have a mission of hospitality and expressions of love all throughout it.

My parents had the gift of hospitality….always opening their home to others for respite, enjoyment, and friendship. Every place they lived had a large yard to host many people at once. I remember one Thanksgiving where they had invited so many people and had wanted a long table inside their home so everyone had a place. I remember this table extending from the family room to the living room. Although I don’t recall its exact measurements, I know the Thanksgiving table was bigger than our soon to be 108 inch table. And, if need be, we will find a way to extend ours as well. I would have loved to have had a long enough table to bring 20 people to it. But, that’s just not reasonable. When we host dinners, I like to have everyone sit together. I do enjoy spending time with others, learning about their lives, and showing them I value them.

Wanting and enjoying being hospitable to others seems to be a common trait in our family. And, for us, we wanted it to be all about Hygge. I’m not sure why it’s a common trait but I think it’s probably because of the fond memories we have of our growing up years. We had huge backyard get togethers’ and in the summer months when the evenings were still cool there would be a well built bonfire that lasted for hours with many people gathered around it.

I am thinking that my parents also had similar memories growing up with big community gatherings where all those who came found seats at the long tables. My dad grew up on a farm and my mom lived on a dairy farm. Maybe it was a tradition as that was their way of entertainment inviting those from neighboring farms and from the town out for picnics in the yard. But, also it’s possible that the tradition holds even more depth to it in that it originated in the country.

I find it interesting that four out of the seven brothers and sisters in my family have gravitated to a more rural or country life. My hubby and I had a longing for a more serene place where peacefulness was in abundance. I do not know why the others made the moves but they all love nature so that could have had something to do with it.

And, now, we wait, for the arrival of our centerpiece of hospitality, our final piece to complete our Hygge ambiance here and we look forward to carrying on the tradition of hospitality and making many more new memories around the farmhouse table here in the country.

5 Comments on “The Table and our Country Life

  1. Your farmhouse sounds so cozy to me just by reading this. You are such a warm person and I know your home is just as warm . I love the simple ness in your tone as well . Isn’t this what life is about family , home , love, 🙂

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  2. Aw! Thank you! What a sweet compliment💗. I wish we had an actual farmhouse😊, ours is more of a lakehouse but it is lovely and cozy too! So, I guess it’s like a farmhouse and a lake house combined. We definitely live in the country and I am so thankful for that. Waking up to roosters and peacocks and also geese flying over the house to get to the lake…talking away as they go😊. Have a wonderful weekend!

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