Tuesdays….”I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” ~Wimpy~

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A blogger friend of mine, at My Life windsofchange18.wordpress.com just announced that she is going back to posting a photo every Monday and I thought it was a lovely idea. Pictures provide so much joy to the viewer and it’s one more way to send out ‘splashes of sunshine’ each day. So, I thought, I would join her in this endeavor and then I got to thinking…what if I did a ‘Top It Off’ Tuesday’. You see, Tuesdays are important to me and Tuesdays are my very favorite day of the week.

Ever since I was little, it has been the day of the week I like the best. I see Tuesdays as a ‘do over’ day. If I didn’t get it right on Monday… I could always try for success on Tuesday and since I had Monday as a trial run day…Tuesday usually turned out great:-)

It also probably has something to do with “Popeye The Sailor Man” , the cartoon. There were many ‘lessons’ I took away from the characters in that show. One was eat your spinach to be healthy and strong. I still love spinach to this day😊. And, another was Wimpy’s, “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”…now, I have no idea what day “today” was but it made me think if I did something TODAY, it would pay off on Tuesday. I know, you could probably look at that same saying and conclude from it that he wanted something TODAY but didn’t want to pay for it until Tuesday but that is not how I saw it. In my young mind, I was a giver, a helper…that’s what felt right…and so I identified myself with the person selling the hamburger and that is why my thought process was….If I do it today, it will pay off on Tuesday. I also like Tuesdays because it was Tuesdays that I would talk to my Dad. Tuesday was the last day I got to hear my Mom’s voice, my husband and I went on our first date on a Tuesday, my daughter was born on a Tuesday as was I, and I always feel so much more energetic, hopeful, and happy on Tuesdays. The ‘sky’s the limit’ for all things on Tuesdays!

And, if you needed other reasons to like Tuesdays, Mardi Gras is on a Tuesday, Giving Day is a Tuesday, out of all the births in the U.S., the highest number are born on Tuesdays, the Moody Blues wrote a song about Tuesday afternoons, plane fares are cheaper on Tuesday, it’s said that it is the most productive day of the week, it’s pancake day, and, it’s the safest day of the week to drive. Tuesday is the best day to go shopping, the best day to eat in a restaurant, and, one of my personal favorites…people tend to eat more healthy on Tuesdays because they messed up their diets on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 🙂 When someone is referred to as a ‘Tuesday’, it means they are considered kind, compassionate, and giving. What more could you ask for? 🙂

Here’s one to think on….it’s proclaimed as the best day for writing! Which means today is the day to go after your dreams of writing a book, writing your blog, writing a children’s story, or even a screen play. Now get going and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! Oh, I almost forgot! HAPPY TUESDAY!

10 Comments on “Tuesdays….”I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” ~Wimpy~

  1. I loved watching Popeye too! … I agree with Tuesdays being a start over because I always find Mondays are for recovering after the weekend! 😂 … Happy Tuesday! 😊

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  2. I love it !!! I love how you look at Tuesday’s thank you I never thought of this day like this . And I’m happy even tho it had some down times for you it also had some ups as well . Hugs❤️

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  3. Ah yes, Tuesday is a wonderful day indeed. 🖒for Popeye fans all over the world. I believe that I will add a Foto Friday post to my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    • Yay on the Foto Friday. That’s a great idea. When I click on your name to go see your site, it says it’s no longer available. How do I get to it?


  4. I love this glimpse into a different way of thinking. A child sees an opportunity to trust and be generous instead of one to get what they want immediately without paying. I’ve seen those episodes as a child too and I can’t recall ever giving that interaction enough thought to even realize I might be that “giver” someday much less the day I saw it as a child. I might have wanted him to get his meal or not but I never saw the other side of having to give up something and be patient and trusting that it would pay off.

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