Love Makes The World A Bright and Happy Place

Happy Valentine’s Day❤️. I do not know what I would do in life without my family and my friends. They bring such joy to our lives.

Yesterday we had one of my best friends and her hubby over for lunch♥️. Our friendship is 25 years strong and I am so thankful to have her in my life. Then last night another one of my best friends called. We hadn’t talked in a while and it was wonderful to just catch up on each other’s lives. A few days earlier another one texted me to see how life was. She is one of my ‘kindred spirits’ and we continually watch our lives parallel. There are also all the friends that, each, in their own way add a great brightness to our lives, a few on a daily basis, and life would be dull and sad without them.

I have cousins that will connect with me just ‘out of the blue’ when they are thinking about it. And, I think about them and do the same. I really enjoy their company. And, there are so many family members that make life so beautiful. There’s my husband whose thoughtfulness, compassion and love for people shines through on a daily basis, there’s my children who make everything in life so much sweeter. There’s my nieces and nephews all loving, thoughtful, and fun people and there are my brothers and my six sisters…and their families who add so much to this world and make all our lives so much more special. And, there is my husband’s family, many of whom, we have just met last year when he met his Dad for the first time. They are lovely and kind people and I am so glad they are in our lives.

As you can probably tell, I have taken “LOVE” Day to count my blessings and among those blessings are ALL the people I have in my life..our lives…and in “my tribe” that make this world so wonderful to be in.

I had to slow down today when I woke up sick and I am good with slowing down as it gives me the time to cherish all that I have in my life and to once again, remind myself that I too “choose LOVE as hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~Martin Luther King~

Happy LOVE♥️ Day to all of you and my hope for you is that you have time to stop and cherish all the people in your life that make it so much better. Have a wonderful day celebrating you and all of them.

♥️Happy Valentine’s Day♥️

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