CHOOSING our own ROUTE In Life

It’s ‘Top It Off’ Tuesday! Have a wonderful day!

A few days back we drove into town to pick up something from one of the downtown stores. I wasn’t planning to get out of the car for this trip but I go anyway…for the experience. For a good bit of the drive, it’s very pretty. As we leave our home, we drive past the goats grazing on the grass in their pen then on to the horses and donkeys on the first road out and, if we are lucky, we might even get to see the polo horses in their pasture. We then make our way down the road, past the ranch with the cows and bulls sunning themselves on the hill, towards the small farm where the exotic chickens and the emus wander the land. Before we make it to the main road, we can look to the left and see the stallions in the pasture grazing with a beautiful green and cream colored barn as a backdrop.  When we turn onto the main road, we go past the greenbelt, past more of the lake, and past one of the universities. There is always something beautiful or fun to see while driving this path.

On this particular day as we arrive just short of the downtown square, my hubby abruptly turns on a side street before getting to the store and proceeds to park BEHIND the store. I was crushed….my anticipation squashed. He looked at me wondering what he’d done wrong. We both learned a lesson on this day😊. For me, it’s ALL about the experience. My guy, on the other hand, looked right by what could have been an amazing moment or two and went straight for convenience. After all, he was heading into the store, I was not. He was on a mission, I was not. I was there for the experience. I was there to ‘take it all in’ to enjoy the activity on the square. How was I going to manage that sitting and waiting in an alley? I would miss seeing all the people entering my favorite bookstore and those going to enjoy hot coffee and tea at the coffee cafe or walking around the square with their families. I would miss seeing the deliveries being made. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the daffodils that had triumphantly come up through the ground and brought beautiful splashes of yellow to the corners of the square. I wouldn’t be able to see the town ‘come alive’. Instead, I was destined to look at….a dumpster! Not quite the experience I was looking for.

It reminds me of the children’s book The Busy, Busy Town by Richard Scarry. Only there wasn’t even garbage workers using their truck to pick up the idle dumpster I was sitting in front of. But, it was for this very reason that I came to town…to see all the busyness and the activity. The town has an old fashioned dime store, many restaurants, including what used to be known as a ranch-house where farmers would come to town for dinner around noon each day and connect with other farmers. It was a time when supper was the evening meal. It also has a tea room, an old movie theater, the recycled book store, a comic book and game store, a western store, an old fashioned candy store, an old soda fountain and ice cream parlor, and off the beaten path….a bakery and a post office.

When our children were little, we read the Busy, Busy Town book to them over and over again and it never got old. While reading, we would anticipate the baker waking early and opening his bakery each day or the policeman and firefighters taking care of traffic issues, and the other stores opening for the day with every page we turned. We also knew that the trash collectors would arrive in their big trucks to take all the trash out of the Busy, Busy Town. 

I didn’t see any of that happening this time :-). Not even the trash collectors. Usually my hubby is just as much an adventurer as I am…probably even more so. But, like I said, on this day, he was running an errand. My lesson learned that day…never take your route for granted! You create your own routes in life. His lesson learned….slow down and remember that it is ALL about the experiences.

11 Comments on “CHOOSING our own ROUTE In Life

    • Thank you!😊. I took the picture. It’s a picture of the pond in the pasture where the horses and donkeys are. I took it after we had heavy rains so it was overflowing. Glad you liked it.


  1. Oh I love how you take it all in .. our little Town is set up a bit the same way and I’m so you ..I like to go for a ride with my husband when he runs errands I don’t always go in to the stores with him. I like to ride and take a pictures ,it’s beautiful how you take in everything. I’m sorry you had to look at a dumpster..I love the lesson your hubby took from it and the blessings you think of as you ride.❤️

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    • I love the you do the same. I forgot about the fact that I take pictures too and sometimes I ask him to stop so I can get just the shot I am seeing😄. Too funny how we are so similar. And, only had to look at it for about ten minutes so it wasn’t too bad. And, it did remind me of Richard Scarry’s book so there was an upside😊

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  2. OMGoodness, this sounds like my husband and I, Diane! Me taking photos of birds, him looking at boats and marinas. We give and take, but I do want to see what’s going around me while I’m patiently waiting in the car! 🙂

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