Photo credit: My daughter got this shot of one of the hummingbirds that frequent our patio.

Meet Queenie. She is the hummingbird here at Life on the Patio that seems to be in charge of all the other hummingbirds that frequent our feeders. That’s why we call her Queenie. That, and the fact that she is bigger than the others. Her ‘best friend’ is ‘Lil Blue. He got his name because he is blue, a little green, grey, and beautiful. We find their relationship fascinating since hummingbirds tend to not want others at the feeders when they are there. But Blue flies in right as Queenie leaves and they head for the same tree after sipping at the feeder. It’s like they have an understanding.

Signs of Spring. It gives me hope! I love Spring with all of its new life and beautiful colors.

Photo Credit: My hubby took the pictures of the flowers

The sun going down on the lake

in case you can’t see the main photo, here is the hummingbird known as Queenie. My daughter captured it with its wings spread open. Check out its beak. They have long beaks for sipping nectar.

16 Comments on “Hummingbirds

    • Thank you! Queenie is a rare one for sure. Never seen a hummingbird quite like her. The view of the lake that you see is from the pier and the boat ramp. We live about a half mile up the road from it but going down there almost daily. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing and yes, peaceful😊

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    • Thanks Donna! I was just at the lake again and was longing for the leaves to return😊. Thankful we have flowers starting to pop up that will sustain me for a whike😄

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