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My neighbor had a funny story she told at a recent party we were at that depicts this life we live out here. She said the other day she walked out to get her mail and from the minute she stepped on to her front deck and porch she noticed there were no sounds. As she walked all the way to get her mail…still, no sounds. When we asked her what she meant, she said the air was still and it was completely silent. No trees rustling in the wind, no animals in the woods creating tiny sounds, no birds in the sky, no birds talking, it was complete stillness. For a quick second, she thought, “is this it, is this the end of the world and all living things are gone….wait a minute…did I get left behind?” She said it was that still!

Think about it, these days, where can you find peace and silence like that? Away from the noises of everyday life. Not that I would want to be scared and…wonder if everyone else left the earth :-), but solitude is a very important component in all our lives. I think it’s important to be ‘ok’ with just being with yourself.

In just a little over a month, we will have lived here for two years having transplanted ourselves from a fairly large suburb of a major metropolitan area to a rural and country lake life.

I have to say it has made all the difference for me. The peace and the calmness rejuvenate me daily. My hubby told me today that it is so good to see me getting my energy back. I’m glad he noticed as living with many chronic illnesses is a constant in my life and I want to find that balance to help us have the best life possible now. We don’t isolate ourselves out here…it’s more of….this is what ‘we come home to’.  When we turn the corner to the street of the entrance to our little community, our bodies relax and we feel this peace sweeping over us. I try to explain the feeling we felt to my neighbor and she laughs and smiles. She ‘gets’ it, she and her family have lived here over 40 years. She says a lot has changed over the years but the one constant is that ‘feeling’ of peace and when you go looking for that solitude…it can be easily found.

We have had more neighbors move in to our little area and with them they have brought many animals. Horses, donkeys, goats and more and it is to those pieces of land that I look as we drive in towards our home. Animals seem to have a deeper ‘understanding of living.

It is these scenes that bring me the solitude I now have come to value as one of life’s biggest treasures. As I write this, I suddenly look to the opposite end of the spectrum and realize that I also love people and community, having fun with others, hosting dinners and parties here and it is with that I have now come to realize that I am super blessed because NOW I have the BEST of both ‘worlds’.

My wish for you today, on my favorite day of the week 😉 is that solitude is easily found for you when you find yourself needing it ❤



23 Comments on “Solitude

  1. I get it completely. When we decided to leave Louisville, I challenged friends there to find any time of day in the metro area which was completely silent. That was 18 years ago, and I’m still waiting 🙂 . For true peace, one must have access to silence; it’s non-negotiable. Happy Tuesday– Mike

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    • Thank you! We love it 🙂 I love listening to the sounds of children enjoying life too. One of the favorite things when I was teaching was hearing those sounds! Enjoy and cherish it 🙂

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    • Yes it does! And, I love your pics of the Bay and surrounding area. When we lived in the city, we would leave at least one weekend a month and head towards the water. It’s always been important to us.

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  2. Thank you! Yes, It has helped me slow down a little I think. We really do love our place. I bet yours is just as beautiful and peaceful😊💕 and the solitude there must be incredible.


  3. Life here in the outskirts of Mobile, Al can be quite hectic at times, noisy as well with traffic and such. However, I am blessed by the Lord to be not far from peace and solitude, even if it does take a short road trip. Though I don’t think I have experienced solitude as you mentioned, not since my younger days of visiting my grandparents land in Beechwood, Mi on the Upper Peninsula side.
    Thanks for the pictures of quiet beauty.

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    • You are very welcome Kurt! Thanks for following my blog. I am glad you have a little slice of solitude that you can get to. We LOVED the Upper peninsula in michigan. There are many serene and beautiful places there to experience solitude.


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