All Around Town…Monday Photos

The hawk against the sunny blue skies is always a beautiful sight.

The woodpecker; right after he flew down from the oak tree. I tried to get him on the tree but either I was too slow or he was too fast. I prefer to think the latter😊watching the donkey and the horses

Do you know why donkeys are often seen with horses around here? We are told it is because the donkeys can be really mean when threatened and if coyotes and wolves come near and see the donkeys, they stay away from the fight so it’s said that the donkeys protect the horses. Not sure how true this is but it’s good folklore if nothing else. Someone’s enjoying the nice weathertwo tiny foal or colts, it’s definitely springtime Out having a fun time. We got to see them being called in and it was fascinating to see about sixty of them running towards the barn. These guys run around a few streets down from us.

and, here it is…a Texas longhorn

9 Comments on “All Around Town…Monday Photos

  1. Once again beautiful photos . It’s 10:30 at night just getting on here so reading blogs but not posting anything today .. do you live in Texas? I did when I was growing up.

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      • 😄, sorry about that, my question was kind of confusing, wasn’t it? That’s how we describe where we live. South is Sa Antonio, Houston, etc, North is Dallas, Fort Worth, Central, I believe is Austin, Waco, etc and we can’t forget East Texas, and West Texas. We used to visit San Antonio a lot when the kids were little.

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