It’s The Season Of Changes

Photo Credit: my wonderfully and multi talented daughter took the picture of this flowering tree. All other photos were taken by my hubby and me

The pre-Socrates philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus said “change is the only constant in life”.

I can see how true that is right now with all the changes we are seeing. Around here, we are noticing all the changes with the signs of spring moving it’s way back in to our lives. It feels as if it has been a long winter in all of the United States and I suspect spring has been a welcome sight to many. I know it has been for us. We are seeing so many signs that the Earth is coming alive again and blessing us with all it’s beautiful colors, sights and sounds, smells and tastes. On one of our main roads near where we live, the cotton fields are bursting with white cotton coming from the plants and in a nearby town, the tulip farm is expressing it’s joy for warmer weather with rows and rows of beautiful colors of tulips. The grass and the trees are all green again too. I still have yet to see our first hummingbird of the season but I am sure they will be coming soon.

The changes in the Earth and the animals aren’t the only changes we are seeing this spring. Our’s is now officially an ’empty nest’. Our youngest will now have a new home on his own near where he will be studying for his doctorate for the next four years. These are exciting times for our children and equally exciting yet a little sad for us as we are a very family centered group here.  🙂 Yet, these are exciting times for us too. Change is occurring here and it is all mostly good changes. I am finding it is best to embrace all the changes and just ‘go with it’ and enjoy the ride wherever it may take us. It keeps life exciting and fresh.

One thing I want to remain constant in my life…our lives…are the people we have in it. I think people are the most important part of all of our lives. When we stand by each other and encourage and support each other in our endeavors and enjoy all that is special in each of us…I believe we are living to the fullest.

Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) and an empath, I have noticed more changes lately that I am not particularly happy with. These are the changes that I am seeing in our world. We are losing the value that we place on each other and opting for a more sterile relationship. I am seeing this through the use of social media, through the use of the news spreading negativity and meanness but I am mostly seeing it in a much less obvious way with the use of technology where we are replacing people with machines. In an effort to stay more connected, we are actually disconnecting with each other. Just think, you can step into a car these days and be driven around by someone who is not physically sitting in the drivers seat. You can go to the grocery store and not interact with anyone except a machine at checkout. We are moving more and more away from human interaction through customer service and it is a disheartening change and trend.

There is another example I saw of this yesterday when I had to go inside at my bank to pick up something for my son. I hadn’t been in there in over a year. When I walked in, I immediately noticed it. Aside from the manager coming to the door to open it for me (they can now see one of my disabilities), the environment was sterile…not welcoming like I am used to. When I walked in, it was obvious that it was not a friendly environment. I tend to ‘take in a room’ as soon as I enter it and in this one I found two over-sized ATM looking machines right in the middle of the lobby. Gone were the original tables and chairs with smiling, friendly people sitting behind them that a year ago had changed into standing desks where you would walk up and stand and talk with a person while doing your banking. Gone were the coffee bar and the popcorn stand with bags of popcorn. All that was left in their place were these two big machines and two glassed in offices and only two employees…the manager and a bank representative. The manager seemed stressed and the rep seemed quite depressed and no matter how hard I tried to strike up a conversation with her, she barely looked at me or spoke to me. It took me a few minutes when I got back to the car to pull back from the sad emotions that I felt when I entered the bank.

And, so, I am writing this today more as a plea than anything else. No matter where we go, can we all try to spread some sunshine in the lives of everyone we meet? Can we show each person the value they hold simply by being themselves? Can we be of service to others even if we aren’t in the service industry? And, most of all, can we all hold on to that feeling we get when we interact with another person and can we work our hardest to try not to replace people with machines and with things?

PEOPLE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT part of our world. Let’s not change that!

Some things are better left unchanged. Let’s not change our need for others. Let’s not eliminate the need for people in our lives simply in the name of progress and because we are in the age of technology. And, mostly, let’s remember that PEOPLE are what makes life so great!

I hope each of you have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday! Happy Tuesday everyone ❤

47 Comments on “It’s The Season Of Changes

  1. Your pictures are breathtaking! So love looking at them! I’m sure your humming bird is around the corner. I love how your embracing the change . I am also a HSP as well I’ve been told many times . Sadly my day could be set by the vibe energy whatever you want to call it . If I feel your sadness I will be I also can be offended easily if I go into town and I greet you happily and your rude . Or I should say hurt I feel it’s awful … I love to talk and if your rude it will effect me .. omg we do defiantly need to write that book together you stated 🙂❤️ I hope you shook it off and had a good day after the time in town . Hugs girl!

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    • Oh wow Kim! Yet another thing we have in common. I love it. Yes, that book is on our list😊. Thank you I do think that Queenie and Blue will return this year when they are ready. As for the ladies in the bank, I used to take it personally but now I just feel for them and do what I can to help. The biggest thing I have had to recognize is that I can’t make everything everyone and if I have done all I need to do and it isn’t effective then I know their actions are more about them than how they are reacting towards me. It took a while for me to get there😊. I did feel their stress and their sadness but was able to ‘release’ it and move on with my day shortly after I left. Hugs to you too. Loved your turkey photos💚

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  2. Very nicely done, and timely. As I read, images were flashing into my head of drive-through lines extending into the street when there was no waiting for a face-to-face order. Or kids walking through the mall with faces down, watching their phones. If they are blessed enough to grow old, too many will be lonely, as they will have lost the ability to engage with other people. Disturbing, and sad, and hopefully a trend which can be reversed. Thanks for writing– Mike

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    • Thank you for adding your comment Mike! So true about the drive through lines and people with their heads in their phones. I hope your Tuesday is a happy one!😊🌻😊


  3. You are such a good person ! And yes also what you wrote I agree we are loosing human contact . With machines taking over a lot of things people would have done . It’s a shame it’s becoming this way. Oh thank you , I was happy to see them back today they were here in our yard for the most part of the day. Last time we saw them was about a month ago. Now it should become more regular. It’s always fun watching them. Miss Abigail loves watching them . She will sit in the window and do these weird cat noises at them.🙂

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    • Haha, that’s so cute that she watches them and is ‘talking’ to them. Thank you for your sweet comments. It was not at all the blog I was going to write today but it really got to me as I think we need to be moving towards connecting not disconnecting. That won’t do this world any good. I sure hope we get to see our wild
      Turkeys again soon and some more of the wild life. We seem to be growing as people are buying up land and building on the wooded areas. I surely hope it doesn’t end up displacing many of the wildlife here.

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      • Yes it is cute to watch. I hope not as well . Yes it may push the animals more towards your way. It’s one thing building on the land to enjoy the country setting but what bothers me when people do this but it’s only a summer or holiday house but then their not even staying there at that time . Or less and less . What a waste to beautiful land . To me that is not respecting it. But it’s only my opinion . I know life changes and I don’t know the whole story why people are not enjoying what they built.

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      • I agree, and when we came
        out here we bought the house that was here. As this land and this area already had enough houses on it!

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      • And you didn’t disrupt anything . We built but I don’t think we disrupted anything there is a lot of woods around and we own enough of the land know one could add any houses so it’s all nice woods for nature to enjoy

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      • Thank you ! It’s is peaceful . Maybe a bit boring for our grown kids but eventually they will have their own place it’s nice for my hubby and I .🙂

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      • Yes defiantly ! It’s a ranch . It’s not huge but not small , well it is but I’ve seen smaller lol my son always says it is . It’s not fancy but it’s up to date it’s cozy , simple and it’s not much to have to maintain thankfully because I’m not able to if it was bigger there’s a half finished basement where my daughter has a bathroom bedroom and living room slash place for a apartment size stove but chooses not to has a fridge microwave own walk out . So she’s comfortable . But yes it’s comfortable and it’s home I know I said that lol already 🙂

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      • I will take a pic tomorrow lol ! Let’s see the hall and kitchen ceiling is done needed a fresh paint of white our hallway follows to kitchen so the yellow in kitchen follows Dow the hallway to the bedrooms so that will be red hopefully This weekend . Starting on hallway Saturday then have another family birthday to go to so hopefully finish Sunday. I’m scared lol!!! Hope we get the red right😩

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      • Yep! And I feel for you cause it’s fear of the unknown but once you see it I bet it will be what you wanted😊. Can’t wait to see it

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      • I’ve been wanting to ask you then thought no she will think it’s strange hahaha but I told my son how we are alike and I enjoy blogging with you he said why not be penpals with her you miss writing letters now that I’m back from basic and it’s good for your hands to write actually using a pen . Would you want to be pen pals ? Would it bother your hands ? If you think it’s strange that is fine or if you don’t want to that’s fine too .

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      • I love that idea. I was going to suggest email but letters in the mail would be fun! Definitely! And when my hands can’t take it, I can type it. I love this idea. Thanks for suggesting it💕

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      • Haha, I totally understand that! Our mailman is 82 years old and delivers to us but I don’t think we are as far out as y’all

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      • Well they could but there is no safe turnaround and they would have to put a mail box at the end of our driveway which is like a long road ..and they do not like the idea of it being that far from our house . Which we didn’t like the thought as well .


  4. Very good advice, Diane. It makes such a difference to have a pleasant interaction with perfect strangers, and I think most people feel that way. Unfortunately, people are often on edge and so stressed, and they won’t even take the time to exchange pleasantries or smiles.

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  5. Diane, this is a wonderful post and I just want to hug you for writing it. Yes, yes, yes. Some days I just want to shake people and say — don’t you get it? We’re all that matters. In the end, it’s all about who we love, who we laugh with, who greets us with a smile or an understanding nod of their head. There’s so much we busy ourselves with that amounts to nothing. And it just feels like the world is headed in the wrong direction. I know your blog is one thing that’s helping right the trend! Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

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    • Aw, Joan, thank you so much. I really happy to hear it meant so much to you and that we are kindred spirits in our quest for people to understand what it the most important. You said it so well too in your comment. ‘We’re all that matters’…I wish I could shout that from the mountaintops. I wish everyone could and would embrace those thoughts and turn them into actions. It’s time that all of us likeminded people rise up and spread our kindness, our compassion, and our love so that we can counter the trend going in the other direction. Also, thanks for bringing a smile to my face today☀️


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