Come Alive! Springing Into Color…

Queenie (our largest hummingbird) has returned. She came right up to our patio window to say hi, stayed for a few seconds and then fluttered off. She came so close to the door it was if she was saying I’ve been away a very long time and now I am back. Pay attention to me…look at me…don’t take me for granted. It was the sign of hope I needed this morning. It’s been a long winter here as I am sure it has been for many of you. All the gray skies were draining me of my sense of wonder with living out here…that sense of excitement we get when we return, and the sense of contentment. But, it is all coming alive again and I am thankful!

I will remember this feeling and not take for granted the birds, the hummingbirds, the flowers and beautiful green trees and green grass when the weather changes again. I am sharing some of the pictures of the fun things we saw this past weekend.

This is the first time I have seen wisteria grow on brown vine. The flowers came back first.

The little guy is a small Texas rosebud…It is strange that it is called a Texas rosebud as it looks more lavender/purple than red I finally got a shot of the emu

Across the street from our placeI really enjoy trains and train tracks. When we were young, we would go near the tracks to pick wildflowers and berries on Sundays. There is just something special about the sound and feel of a train rumbling down the tracks.Another view of the tracks

These pictures have such a unique view of the architecture of the trees that I had to capture what I saw.

Geese on a neighboring farm

Texas Bluebonnets starting to bloomThis tree reminds me of the tree from Pocohontas. It needs to be near the river not the railroad tracks

Daffodils near our homeMore trees, pasture, and green grass

The emus tree. There are five emus in this pasture. They do their best to try and stay away from the camera

They also share the pasture with the exotic looking chickens who never want their picture taken.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone💚☀️💚

25 Comments on “Come Alive! Springing Into Color…

    • Nice! I hope you have had some sunshine to go along with it 🙂 Sure would love to see a photo when they do open…are you going to post one?


  1. Spring has defiantly arrived their ! Love how green the grass is and oh my the flowers especially the rose bush .. beautiful ! My favorite flower the rose. Love railroad tracks lol they just feel like there is always a story there .. lol don’t ask I guess covered bridges and railroad tracks is where I always liked to write when I was younger . Beautiful pictures! And so happy to hear your hummingbird is back. Enjoy💕🙂

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    • Thank you! I was just thinking about you a couple days ago. Stay warm🔥💕. I know we will. Our winter felt so long this year☀️🌻☀️

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      • Did you think it was an extra cold winter?..because our summer was intense but now it seems quite cold for this time of year. It warms my heart to know you were thinking of me. Many hugs. 🙂

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      • Yes!, we didn’t freeze as often but it got colder earlier for winter and has stayed pretty cold up until now. That seems unusual to me although I have researched it yet😊. I hope it isn’t like that for y’all☀️💜☀️

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  2. I love this story and I have had hummingbirds come up to me in the same way! Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of the hummingbirds past visits it brought a smile to my heart! ❤ 😀

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    • Yes we will. Thank you for the lovey wish. I imagine we will all cherish the warmer times coming our way. Have a blessed day🌻


      • Blessed day to you. Do you know what spring brings to my mind? Better days of life. Winter is when life is hard; when things are not moving; finances down or other challenges. The you work hard and God blesses your effort. Your spring comes… (For more I am writing a post)

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      • I love that🌸and that is how I think too. Winter does seem harder. It’s like everything seems to come alive and life seems much easier. I look forward to reading that post. What part of the world are you writing from?😊


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