It Takes Courage to Follow Your Heart

There are two quotes that are resonating with me today and have been for a while.

They are Mae West’s quote “I never said it was going to be easy, (and it certainly hasn’t been…today, I feel exhausted) I only said, it’s going to be worth it” (and, worth it, it is) :-). and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s quote “I Hope You Live A Life You Are Proud Of.

And, this is what my story is about today. You may be wondering what these two quotes have to do with the title of today’s blog and so I’ll get started as this is where my story begins.

For most of my life, I have felt in my heart an urgency to stand up for those who are wronged, bullied, in pain, and those dealing with more in life than many others ever have to endure. My heart goes out to all of them.

I felt it was my mission to help those who were and are treated poorly, criticized, picked on, and ridiculed simply because they appeared or acted differently or because they were physically vulnerable or weak. I felt like this was part of my purpose in life. But, what I found most difficult was having the courage to stand up to the offenders and trying to get them to understand that each and every person has a God given right to be here on this earth and be treated with respect and care and to feel loved and valued by others. Whenever I stepped into a situation, I always had that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I knew I was going to have to intervene where someone was hurting someone else. It took a long time for me to have the courage and be okay with the consequences of my actions…yes, even positive actions can have fallout consequences and some of those have been pretty severe.

Life is about people. Life is about supporting and encouraging others. It’s about helping others feel safe, it’s about helping when people are hurting. It’s about loving others and showing them they are important. It’s about helping others follow their own hearts and live out their dreams. It’s about temporarily forgetting about my own needs when the needs of another are much more prevalent and urgent than my own.

This self imposed purpose of mine was not easy, it was hard just like Mae West said. It took a lot of courage as well, courage I didn’t even think I had, but, I learned so much and I hope I have made an impact. And, it was Mae West’s quote that, in my older adult years, that brought me through the really tough stuff. I learned quite a few lessons as I went through all those experiences of being on the outside. Mine wasn’t the popular role but, after all, I have no one to blame but myself as I did choose to follow my heart and will keep on choosing it because she is right, it is worth it!!!!

So, yes, Mr. Fitzgerald, I have lived a life I am proud of because it is within living that life that I have become who I am! A strong, courageous, happy, mostly confident 🙂 and loving person that hopes to make a positive impact in small ways by helping those who need it in this world of ours for many more years to come.

When you find the time…Spread a little kindness today, stand up for someone being wronged, stand up for the vulnerable, help someone who is hurting, spend a little time with someone who is lonely, help someone who is struggling, take time to listen to others, and bring a smile, hope, and sunshine to someone’s world. We are all counting on each other and we are all responsible for making this world a better place.

Lately, I have found so many people who are struggling to know their value and so another quote that comes to mind that fits nicely here is….”You is kind, You is smart, You is important,” from the book and movie, The Help. Lets all try to be the reminder to those struggling that they are important and valued in this world and deserve to be treated with respect and love.

Hugs<3 and I hope everyone had a Happy Thursday!



34 Comments on “It Takes Courage to Follow Your Heart

  1. This is lovely! A beautiful sentiment. I was recently reflecting on the, “live a life you’re proud of” quote here on WP as well. Though…more the ending of it, where we are reminded that, if we are not doing so, to have the courage to start again.

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    • Thank you Mike, I’m with you, everyone has the ability to make a difference💚☀️💚all the time. Sometimes all someone needs is a kind word or a show of support…even a smile will do it. I’m glad you liked the post. How is the planting coming?


      • A first round, more or less, is done, along with fresh mulch in a number of areas front and back. A highlight coming up is the local arboretum’s spring plant sale, from which we shall, I’m sure, bring home a trunkload of goodies. And the dogwoods are sooo close! I promise pictures when all is said and done :}

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      • Sounds nice! Yes pictures please😊. I love dogwoods and the arboretum sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy🌻


  2. This is so inspiring ! Hope there are more people with such mentality and courage 👍 you must certainly be proud 😊
    Thank you for sharing

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    • Thank you!, I’m not really all that proud but the quote seems to fit. I am more content that I embraced my role and followed my heart😊and could help those that needed help. Be true to thyself. And, I think too that there are sooooo many people out there that have this mentality…some are scared to do it and that’s why I felt it was important to post it. Have courage to stand up for others💜

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      • And this is totally great to follow your heart and help those that needed help! Yes most people are just scared! Hope your message will reach many people out there 😊👍

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  3. I hope that others will have courage to walk this path also💜. Thank you so much for sharing my blog with your readers.


  4. God will give more people this courage. The work must be done. The world was meant to be an excellent place for all, enjoyed by all. He is creating the people he needs for this work. You are one of them.

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    • That is so interesting that you said that. I too feel that the world was meant to be a beautiful place for everyone. And, each morning, my prayer is ‘guide me in the direction you wish for me to go’ and then I try to follow/live each day by His guidance. You have great insight!


  5. What a fantastic way to be your authentic self! I love quotes that often seem obscure until we find how to apply them in our own lives. This isn’t a post you can read and walk away from without making changes in who you are today.

    Thanks for the perspective!

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