If You Could Read My Mind…

“If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts would tell.” These are words from a song by Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot. I so love his music that it’s ingrained into my thoughts and, when a young guy rushed up to hold a door for me yesterday, my thought was, if you could read my mind…and, of course, I immediately put it to music with Gordon Lightfoot’s song.

‘Did he know…? Did he know he had brightened my day today?’ Or did he just see a need and fill it? Either way, it had a positive effect and I was grateful.

I wonder how many times we walk through our days without ever realizing the impact we have on others we connect with. I know I secretly journey through my day tallying all the good things that happen to me. It’s not like I’m really keeping track of each good thing and counting…it’s more like with each new thing that occurs my day continues to build into something fabulous. And, so I have to wonder, if this is happening to me, how many other people are experiencing something similar and how cool is that? I wondered if the young man realized just how much his small act of kindness had meant to me. For a split second, he made life easier. How many others had he helped or been kind to that day? Did he know the impact he made? I wonder if he realized that he had made a ‘deposit’ into my emotional well being, and into his own, and each person I encountered thereafter as I passed along his kind ways and it felt good. He, without even knowing it, had created a ripple effect.

If he could have read my mind, he would have realized he had created a tsunami in my thoughts, first the song which I thoroughly enjoyed bringing back to my memory and singing it in my head, and how nice it felt to have someone help me, and then the continuous thread of ‘what if’s?’ What if each of us did one kind act a day? What if everyone got to experience this daily? What if we could create a whole movement? I know, my mind just doesn’t stop thinking…especially when something triggers thoughts.  🙂

I have seen and experienced this phenomenon happen over and over again and each time I wish that there could be a powerful wave of this kind of occurrence but then I realize that maybe it’s better that is is a continual wave with many ripples that grow stronger and further as time goes on. Yes, that is what I will hope for…a wave of kindness and love for others so we can make this world a better place.

Footnote: My dream is that one day these occurrences become louder than all the meanness…the name calling, the bullying, and the critical words. Now, wouldn’t that be something really special to see and experience and, THAT, would truly make my day!!! 🙂

Photo: I picked this photo to show what an impact waves can have. I took it two years ago when we were in California to visit family. This area is called Sunset Cliffs and is one of my very favorite places and when I lived there…my happy place.

Have a wonderful and bright Tuesday ❤

27 Comments on “If You Could Read My Mind…

  1. I’ve never heard this song but knowing you I’m sure it’s beautiful and I would like it. I’m so happy you had such a nice experience , we need more people like that man and you as well. Thank you for reminding us what’s important and I hope someday this world is a nicer place.🙂💕

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  2. lovely post……….it is so true that we go through our day, and without making a conscience effort of our interactions, we can possibly hurt another. If everyone did just one small act of random kindness each day………..like you mentioned, the waves happiness would reach further and further. Bless you for your kind heart.

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