My “Loud” Friend Is Back

Every morning, I wake to his “yelling.” He almost has the ability to interrupt the calmness and peacefulness of country life. But, only almost because after his initial ‘outburst’, he tends to go quiet for the rest of the day just going about his business. He is usually right outside my bedroom window and he does not stop his talking until I look out and see him and he looks at me. He stands there looking at the peach tree and awaits an answer….not from me but, I think , from ‘his friend’. He is perched high in the oak tree and patiently waits for his friend to arrive but his friend never does. I am guessing it is a little game he likes to play with the other birds and with me.

not the best picture but it works…

And, then, in a quick swoop, he flies down to the bird feeder to munch on the suet that is there waiting for him. No other bird dares go near when he is having his breakfast. I think it is because he is so loud.

I think he and I have developed this understanding, of sorts, where as long as I stay far enough away from him and him to me, we are both comfortable and go about our days. I asked my hubby about this the other day. It seems like such a strange relationship…and he says all the jays he has known are like that. They are territorial in a way. They don’t understand that THEY are the visitor.

Ha, I’ve met a few ‘creatures’ like that in life where they overstep the boundaries like this little guy does. I guess that can be seen in all forms of life too. Who knew? 🙂

48 Comments on “My “Loud” Friend Is Back

      • They are hecklers! We have finches and mockingbirds that come every year and best around here. Usually the very nice fern I get ends up being the nesting habitat for the finches. Except for a year ago when a wren decided to nest first.

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      • Very nice! We have finches, mockingbirds, cardinals, painted buntings (i love them), hummingbirds, and many doves that like to spend time in our yard trees. There is also a next in the tree near our place that has red tailed hawks…they are so beautiful, especially in flight.

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      • We have all of those but painted Buntings. I’d love to catch a photo of one of them.

        Hawks are a personal favorite out here. I hear owls but hardly ever get to see them. There’s some bird I hear, its a very weird almost spooky call it gives. I have the call on video. Still trying to identify it..

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      • For us too😊 impatiently awaiting the painted buntings return this spring. We have an owl in our oak tree in front of our house many nights but like you, haven’t seen much of him. Post the sound and maybe others can identify it did you

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      • I see owls flying in the twilight of the evening. You can make them out by their wings. But have only seen 1 in person. I was turkey hunting next to an old oak tree one morning and apparently the owls home was in the oak tree. It’d fly up to a nearby tree and stare at me and fly away. My camp didn’t fool it.. I just cordially left. It must have been tired ..

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      • The craziest bird I’ve ever seen, since I was a kid, I remembered seeing a bird that made a weird quivering sound as it flew. And it would fly high up in the air and drop. It would land and make this little buzz sounding call.

        I always wondered what that bird was. I later found out it was a Wilson’s Snipe. And I finally got to see one, so close I could have hit it with my keys in the woods one day. They’re shore birds but come inland pretty far.

        I have a picture of it. But you almost can’t see it.

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      • It scared me when I came across it because it ran out in front of me. But it stopped and I gawked like I saw Nessie..

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  1. We have both blue jays and crows in our yard. I would give anything to be woken up by the jays. Alas, it is always the 5:23 crow that wakes me up. Allan

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  2. I have a group of Blue Jays at our feeder, and I never grow tired of watching them. They are great vocal imitators, and often pretend to be Red-tailed Hawks, which will chase away all the other birds, and give them free rein. That is what I call smart! 😊

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  3. Such a beautiful relationship and such a minute observation….
    bulbul, cuckoo, dove,parrots and sparrows were frequent visitors at my parent’s house because of lots of fruit trees and flowers. It’s so much soul satisfying to be surrounded with nature!!

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  4. You might say the Blue Jay wants to let you know he belongs where he is. We have many Jays in our yard and they are a noisy bunch. They often are trying to run off all the Mocking Birds who nest in our plum thicket. Love birds and have taken many pictures of them. Liked your description of the Jay’s morning routine.

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    • Oh no!, I used to live ‘there’ We would escape the city at least two weekends a month and re-energize. I do hope you are able to do some of that too. It’s what saved me☀️💚☀️.

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